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That's great news to hear that it's running smoothly now! Kudos to you for figuring it out.. Standard smile


Also, thermal paste is my nemesis of computer building. Due to, let's say.. unpleasant past experience I try to stay far away from it.


In the meantime, how far are you currently in Andromeda? I've only just made it onto Eos - I was a bit impatient though, so glad that the real adventuring part is finally beginning.


( Tagging you, @1Guma - as a Mass Effect fan you should definitely be in this thread Standard smile )



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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda



Well, as you already know I also only made it to Eos. Embarrassed

But that will change tomorrow! Nerd (I hope....)


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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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@Straatford87 Peebee thinks I'm muscular ... Smile Ryder - charming ... Large smile

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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Origin clocked me at 43 hours in game :D

Currently in Kadara - finished restoring the vault last night.

Was enjoying myself exploring the planet when a giant space worm obliterated my team. 
I need to reconfigure my team to handle that. They're short range oriented which is ineffective against that kind of monstrosity...



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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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Kadara already, i'm still cruising around on Eos and Voeld, love the new Mako.

I get distracted all the time, I find myself driving to my objective only to notice I've driven around the planet 4 times before i finally arrive there, oh and about 2hrs have passed. It's gonna take me ages to finish this game. I don't think i'd be good saviour material, people would have starved to death before i manage to get anything done.

But hey, i will have spotted the wraith for that sniper.

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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I have completed Kadara and I'm now on my way to Elaaden. Concerning the Architect:


I didn't find one on Kadara yet, but I fought one on Voeld. I'm also short ranged (Vanguard spec) but it was doable. I use the N7 Valkyrie assault rifle, which is pretty accurate, so it worked out. The boss fight was fun, but after you figure out the pattern it becomes a bit tedious. The fight was long and easy. It reminded me of the final boss in Mass Effect 2.

My opinion of the series:


Mass Effect


Despite its rough edges, Mass Effect is one of my favorite games because of the characters, story, and mystery. I actually like the combat, believe it or not, especially after I discovered that playing a biotic with a shotgun was more fun that playing soldier with assault rifle. This one is tied with ME2 as my favorite of the series.


Mass Effect 2


For a game with such a dark storyline, there's a surprising amount of humor in it. The story is basic, but effective. I was invested in the story and got a very satisfying payoff.


Mass Effect 3


I liked the combat and the addition of multiplayer. The highlights of the game are the krogan and quarian campaigns. I strongly dislike the main storyline with Cerberus and the Crucible. I liked Cerberus in ME1 as the scifi cliché of incompetent mad scientists. I was okay with them having a large part in ME2, but being a main enemy faction in ME3 didn't sit right with me. The Illusive Man being the new Saren felt like an unnecessary repetition, and Kai Leng may be the worst thing that ever happened to this series. People can get quite passionate about their dislike of the ending, but I thought the overall story was so bad that by the time I got to the ending I just didn't care anymore. I really like the game and I lost count of how many times I played it, but it's clear the writing team didn't have a clear plan for the series when they started writing ME1.


Mass Effect Andromeda


I haven't finished it yet, so here are some midway point impressions. I think open world doesn't work with Mass Effect. Driving around to complete a checklist of sidemissions isn't engaging. Two days ago I decided to do loyalty missions for Cora, Vetra and Liam, and I loved those. Why? Because those missions were linear corridor action like the other Mass Effect games. That's the series' strength and I wish most of the game were like that. I definitely hope Mass Effect 5 will go back to that formula.


The game's biggest strength is its combat. The jump jet is incredible for a vanguard build. It's unfortunate that combat feels too spread out in the open worlds and then limited to small outposts with about 10-20 enemies. With my biotic combos, I kill half of those within the first five seconds.


Another major gripe is that certain cinematics and planet transitions can't be skipped. I did a bunch of sidemissions for Reyes on Kadara and it was constant backtracking to the port and back to the badlands. One time I had to go back to the Tempest to read an e-mail, which meant an unskippable cinematic of the Tempest taking off, then reading the e-mail to find out he wanted to meet me on Kadara where I just came from. That was beyond annoying. I also stopped scanning planets because the transition times are too long, but Ian Frazier says they're fixing that.


With some exceptions, I think voice acting in the game is great. Fryda Wolff is perfect as Sara Ryder and I hope she becomes a BioWare regular just like Mark Meer, Alix Wilton Regan, and Jo Wyatt. Speaking of Jo Wyatt, as a big fan of the Witcher I like how two of my squadmates in Andromeda (Cora and Drack) are voiced by Witcher actors.


I've listed mainly criticisms, but most of the game is very good. I just wish the game were a natural evolution of the trilogy, not an adaptation of Dragon Age Inquisition's formula.

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda


@Holger1405 @kancutsky


I'm already falling behind - can't let that happen! Must play more!




You're such a charmer, Sebastian.. Large smile




Ah, you're like me where you need to check every nook and cranny while exploring the world. Sometimes it get's really tiring, but that feeling of potentially missing something is even worse..




I like your personal breakdown of the series - ME2 (thought not tied with ME1 in my case) is also the favorite in the series for me. But if you ask me why, I'm not sure I can give you a specific answer - it's mostly that ME2 gave me the best feeling.


Also great feedback about Andromeda - thanks for sharing!

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

I think that open world can work with Mass Effect. But it needs some nice sidequests and some meaningful tasks. Let's say securing territories that would bring you various bonuses. Or finding some rare artifacts (as a reward for exploring the world properly). As ME moved to Andromeda and alien ruins should abound, exploring them should be an option. The exploration should bring in lore, loot and, why not, new allies or enemies. Gonna point towards a few open world RPG's: The Witcher 3, Fallout New Vegas, Wasteland 2. Those could provide some inspiration for a future game with open world. Lose the MMO type of tasks (gather x resources, kill x enemie and such). Make the exploration count again. In the old Bioware games (Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights) exploration was well rewarded. Give meaning to the maps that you explore. My personal believe is that ME can work all too well with open world if that is implemented properly.


From what i've seen, the open world used in Andromeda isn't bad. It just could be better. 


P.S. planning to get Andromeda in May (unfortunately, there will be no way to get the Super Deluxe Edition and kind of gets on my nerves - my bloody completion compulsion is getting in my way).


P.P.S: Really curious about EA's games line-up for this year. Seems that this time you guys are more secretive than ever and i seriously doubt that you have planned only Andromeda, Fe, a few Sims packs and a new FIFA for this year. So color me intriguedStandard smile

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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@ivrognard I think the idea of "conquering" territories could be a great way to expand the exploration, would have loved to see this in Andromeda. Making a planet yours sector by sector. Maybe add a little base to capture in each region and you must capture x bases before you can take on the enemy HQ's. It's by no means a new idea, but i always like that kind of things

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

Well, looking forward to May, when my gaming budget comes back onlineStandard smile


I am a wee bit disappointed that i can't get the Super Deluxe Edition anymore, so i will have to settle with the normal Deluxe Edition Disappointed


Oh well, here is for many hours into the new ME game.

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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