Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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Mass Effect Series and Andromeda

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Hi everyone,


I've seen quite some chatter around this - so now that we're closing in on the Andromeda launch, it think it would be a great time to reflect on the current Mass Effect series.


What are some of your favorite memories? What did the series mean to you? And starting with Andromeda, what are you hoping for the future of the series?


I'm curious to hear your thoughts!

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

I will probably get a storm for saying it, but i'd like to see less romance, more choices and consequences that are not displayed right away, but it will come out later in the game. Plus, the whole romance seems to create so much anger between the fans, for the most various of reasons: someone feels that wasn't represented or was misrepresented, another feels that the favorite character was left out and so on. I avoid romance in RPG's because i feel that the heroine/hero/etc should have different concerns, but that's my personal choice, of course.


My ideal Mass Effect would combine the gameplay from the first one (sorry, but at the time, i could call ME an actual RPG and not a 3rd person shooter, in the vein of Gears of War with RPG elements) and the ME2 storytelling. Favorite moments ME: the loss of Ashley/Kaidan, meeting Tali and Wrex, seeing Garrus changing. Favorite ME2: meeting Liara again and the suicide mission from the end. None for ME3, but i still have to make a playthrough with the DLC's.

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

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Oh wow I never knew I meet another player that has the same toughs as mine according to romances in game in general. I am to avoid romances @ivrognard


I never play a game at all, that had to be involved with romance. And when I start playing the ME 1 and ME 2 I haven't even think about romancing. The story plots are so incredible, that my character at the moment, doesn't have time for such thing. That is what I have decide it to play. I am 100% with @ivrognard about romancing. There is so much that can be done and expanse far from romance, that romance really feels like a mini game. That is my view. Since I am new to this franchise, I never saw romance be that huge thing that made me want to try the game in the first place. And, neither after and in the meantime of playing the games, feeling the need to try it at all.


I am in the second game, and I haven't  had the desire to try it at all. And neither will do the same in the 3rd game. I was seeing all the comments in youtube videos about romance this and romance that etc etc... And it kinds of worries me a lot. Because that seems like every and or most of the fans are looking for  ME franchises and in this moment Andromeda. And that is a feed back that developers sees as a hints to add more and more.


What will worries me, is that Andromeda could suffer a huge impact if all the resources could really be drawn to make more and more romances plots. If I could be a nitpick about the whole situation in the romance category, I don't even see the desire to even romance in Andromeda. If I ever try to experience that feature in this next installment. And I will comment this, is not gong to happen still, because there isn't another female human for me as a male to feel that "love connection", that the maybe story written could drawn me to experience it at all. Just one beautiful blond character and that is it? All the other possible romance characters are are aliens? Really? I mean, I guess you have other players that like to romance female humans.


But in all honestly @Straatford87 that is for me, the least of my worries, because, there is something vastly more important about Andromeda, that I in particular are more interested in and that is the experience of the story telling. Plot twists and the enrichment of it that can offers me. And how the game-play change for better from the previous installments. I can't imagine I am the only one that think this way.


P.s. So long.


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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

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@DannyOuter @ivrognard


(sorry for the late response)


Thanks for providing your insights into your experiences with the Mass Effect series so far! 


It was actually really interesting to read your thoughts on romances in-game. Myself, I'm quite a sucker for romance and development between characters. I also enjoyed having something to do when taking a break from adventuring, but it definitely wasn't one of the main things I was changing.


(I've opened this again - didn't want to steal players away from the other board, but it's fine for us to discuss it here in this thread as well) 

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Re: Denuvo thingy for Andromeda

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Spent 7hrs in and I love it.

Runs without crashing, good fps for my old pc(1st gen i5, gtx970), story is good so far and crafting looks deep (exactly my taste for rpgs)

Funny thing is that I didn't notice the facial animation issue people are talking about....



Can't wait to get my new pc to play it in 4k

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

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I'm counting down the last hrs before Andromeda releases as i type this.

Unfortunately i have not had the pleasure of playing the trial version, but its nearly here and i can't wait.

Kinda hoping all the criticism is a bit overexagurated though, would hate to be terribly dissapointed

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

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We've received our copies at the office today (Europe) - I'm super hyped as well and can't wait to try it out! 


Working for EA has it's privileges where we can try out games early, but as I'm not working on the game from a support perspective, I've chosen to go absolutely spoiler free into Andromeda. Going in fresh is always an important factor for me when trying out new games.


I think it's cool that you've chosen to experience the game for yourself regardless of the criticism that you've read so far. Please let us know how you are enjoying it, no matter if it's positive or negative - but in the meantime, enjoy!


@DannyOuter @ivrognard


If you've gotten to it then I would love to hear your experiences as well.


(I actually forgot to unlock this thread previously - sorry!)

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

@ivrognard @DannyOuter


No, not a Storm. Wink


But it is pretty easy, romances are always optional, some players don't want them, others love them.

I see them as a valid part of an RPG in general, they shouldn't be forced, but imho they are important for an RPG to feel "real".


For the anger between fans you mentioned ivrognard, that is true, no doupt, but it is the fault of the fans who are narrow minded not the fault of the developers who give the fans an option more to explore.



This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: Denuvo thingy for Andromeda

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Hi again!

Thanks so much for letting me know how you've been enjoying the game, I really appreciate it! And what's even better to hear is that you've been gaming problem free - that is ultimately what we strife for while crafting awesome gaming experiences.


When I'm done with work tonight I will finally get the chance to jump in as well - can't wait! In the meantime, I'm glad to hear that you didn't experience any issues with the facial animations. It is a topic that's been discussed quite a lot, but now that the game is available for everyone it's good to hear positive experiences as well Standard smile


And lastly, 4K would be the dream - though I'm still somewhat hesitant when doing so as I want to make sure that I can get a smooth 60fps experience. So if I might ask, what type of new system are you going for?

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Re: Mass Effect Series and Andromeda Hype

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Hey tom, 


Yea working for a big gaming publisher or developer must sure have it's privileges :D


I stayed up till midnight yesterday even though i knew i couldn't play since i had to get up really early this morning, nonetheless i couldn't resist from atleast just starting up the game and going through the menu's just once


Now I'm sitting here half listening to my professor giving a lecture about genetics while i impatiently count down the hrs until i can go home!




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