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Making your Colossus unkillable

by TheReal_USA_MAGA

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Making your Colossus unkillable

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Softened Blows with s pretty good armor inscription (I only have +65%) + Ablative Shielding + Shield Pulse = 148% global damage resistance in a shield break situation. Get 2 guns with good armor rolls and use a Best Defense with at least 2 charges.  Use the dome to freeze and trigger combos with melee.  Use the Demolition Tribute Card to get health back on melee kills.


Focus a bit on not letting any components besides Softened blows being below 15 K Armor.  Yeah I did the math on that and only 1 component should be equipped with an armor roll.


Also focus on inscriptions that speed up getting your best defense back quickly.  My Colossus can stand in the middle of hell with this build.  Just remember to hit your unfreeze button really quickly when stuck in ice. Should only take a second to break free if you hit it fast enough.



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Re: Making your Colossus unkillable

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Re: Making your Colossus unkillable

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@TheReal_USA_MAGA Im looking for the Best Defense, v coil and more. I'm mostly MW items with 2 raresso just starting out. What build would you recommend while waiting for those items to drop?
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