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Re: Making the world feel more alive

by CommanderBlitz2

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Making the world feel more alive

★ Apprentice

For the most part the world of anthem feels pretty stale (interesting lore though). What would you guys do to make the world feel more alive ?

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Re: Making the world feel more alive

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★★★★★ Apprentice
  • significantly expand the soundscape of fort tarsis
  • add random sentinel and freelancer NPCs (perhaps patrols) in the wilds (with an emphasis on areas closer to the fort)
  • add at least 1 more visitable city/fort
  • have a few striders actually moving around outside
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Re: Making the world feel more alive

★ Apprentice
- Have quest NPCs do something other than stand around like a mannequin.
- Have interactables in the Fort (drink, play mini-games)
- More weather conditions in free play (heavy fog)
- Have mini-event in free play (Ej. Faye alerts you to a powerful enemy and if you kill him you get good loot)
- Remove the little dots over creatures heads. Only make them appear when they are hostile to you.
- Creature interactions (Ej. wolven hunting grabbits, small herd of korax interacting)
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