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Make Ranger competitive.

by Liquidous_Flame

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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I would love to see some ranged support abilities like heals, fill ammunition, shield someone and things like this. xD

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Am I the only one that feels like the latest patch that buffed melee, weapon procs, combo, and ultimate damage might have actually made Ranger even weaker in relation to the other classes?


There's no question that blast builds got a huge buff.  But if you are playing a blast build, chances are one of the other Javelins could do that same job better.

Pre-patch Tip of the Spear builds were something Ranger could bring to a group that no other Javelin could.

Constantly priming with Melee or Ralner's Blaze/Siege Breaker, and detonating with Seeker Missile/Sticky Grenade meant group heals went out every few seconds.  (and they also kept us alive)


Post-patch, one hit with melee or a weapon proc kills normal red bar mobs in GM1.  Big buff, right?  Well, not exactly because it means it's a LOT harder to actually execute combos.  Since melee and weapon procs do so much damage now, the only reliable primer we've got is venom darts.  And if you run Sticky Grenade as your lone detonator now because it's got the shortest cooldown; the ice explosion also kills most red bars before the combo goes off.  So yet again you get no combo and no heals.  SMH


I almost feel like it would have been a bigger buff to Ranger if they would have only buffed combo and ultimate damage.  It's weird that some of our strongest attacks are primers.  Literally defeats the purpose in a lot of situations.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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I run Generals Favour with two charges and then blast them with a Truth of Tarsis. I find this pretty effective for AOE.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Stack impact and gun DMG for some beastly Dps on my Ranger I stack both and it's funny but my thunderbolt of yvenia rifle with all that stacked the lightning proc is hitting for 40k it's stupid how much DMG it does...

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