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by Tegokajun

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Okay, played for a solid week, 4-6 hours a day, doing freeplay world events, strongholds, and all legendary quests and  all faction quests. Dealing with the pilot errors and server disconnects and then finally a legendary drop, I got real  excited  until I saw what I got, another weapon, of which I have 6 already, using the two  I wanted.  Still waiting for the blast I want, have 3 legends, not for my build, have 3 components, one am using. So out of the 13 legends I have I am only using 4, because these are the ones that fit my build.  I haven't seen a component drop mw or legend since the 1.04 update. So I don't know what you guys are doing but come on.  Also my score is 690-704, been there since last update, all mw and legends and still getting my shield destroyed in 1 shot in gm1 and gm2-3 forget it I get destroyed.  I play a storm and I know we are supposed to be squishy, but wow.  Apparently weapons and gear are the only ways to get stronger.  I am level 30 and have max tiered to 10 5 times already, but am no stronger.  I guess max tiers do not count for much.  Okay that is my rant, I guess I am done, please fix this game, I know all abut rng, this is not my 1st game, so I am used to not always getting want I want on a drop. but whew. Again please!



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