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Was there a huge nerf to this gun? It's in wet noodle mode. I've constantly had >1m upper torso / headshots and it should be killing people at this range. I've tried with all ammo types, and it's the same limp result. Meanwhile the new shiny BSV and one shot kill at close range / med range and long distances. How are you guys consistently taking one step forward and 10 backwards with balancing.

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Re: MCS-880

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What platform?


This gun is bugged on PS4 I believe.  First hit only does like 20dmg or a single pellet worth.


I think I've seen a handful of posts about this on Reddit.


Kind of a glaring bug if it's still around 8 months after launch.

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Re: MCS-880

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@AuMordum Still testing and playing around with my MCS-880, here's my rankings on shells (1.1.0 update), still testing though.


  1. #01 BUCKSHOT - it just feels best from all other options.
  2. #00 BUCKSHOT - slower fire rate, ain't that strong, but for range it's okay, +hip-fire beast.
  3. #4 BUCKSHOT - most strongest from them all, but sadly the super wide spread kills it.
  4. FLECHETTE SHELL - kind a like #00 but little bit weirder.
  5. SLUG SHELLS - ok for range, but flechette and #00 does better job.

Conclusion: DICE broke MCS-880. It was fine before flechette shells buff, then they buffed it and it did like 1 shot with flechette, and now after the nerf we have some joke of a shotgun, and sometimes it's just better to use hand gun for kills.



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Re: MCS-880

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@AngrySquid270 It's broken for sure!


Enders - explaining why shotgun shells are inconsistent / bad hit-reg.


Ofc, he's using #00 in that clip, which actually can't ohk anymore.



And ofc it depends on platform you're playing on.


But overall, the #04 does 25% more damage per pellet, 10 vs 8, has no damage falloff, has 50% more pellets, 24 vs 16, and has about 2.5-3x larger spread, compared to #00 / #01.


P.s: #00 has no spread.

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Re: MCS-880

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@AuMordum @AngrySquid270 DICE buffed FLECHETTE SHELLS on Update 4.1 (May), it 1 shot everyone from great distances together with GVT 45-70.


And on Update 1.0.0 they nerfed it back, changed some shell damages around, like slugs now does actual damage and stuff.. but overall it ain't as great of a shotgun now. 😔

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Re: MCS-880

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I've tried all ammo types as I said in post. I'm not even in the infantry portal maps and it's still point blank chest shots and they're losing less than 50% of their health. No shields, just raw hp. Kinda whild a pump action shotgun at point blank isn't killing anyone lol.

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Re: MCS-880

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@AuMordum It's hard to balance shotguns in games sure, but our MCS-880 is just all over the place..



@T0TALfps @Straatford87 Feedback time! 😊

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Re: MCS-880

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@Dedzigs wrote:

@AuMordum It's hard to balance shotguns in games sure, but our MCS-880 is just all over the place..



@T0TALfps @Straatford87 Feedback time! 😊

yo yo yo -


I will forward this.


As a heads up in the meantime - the next game update will see a change to Shotguns where they don't deal damage past a certain range which should help alleviate concerns about them being too powerful at distance.


If you feel the MCS-880 isn't performing consistently otherwise, please keep sharing your thoughts.


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Re: MCS-880

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@Straatford87 Thank you! 🙏😘💕


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Re: MCS-880

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@Straatford87 Yea that sounds terrible

hey, im shooting this guy, im hitting him, why am i not dealing any damage?!

isnt that why mindamage exists?
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