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Luck % - Community Experiment


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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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I'm doing luck testing currently and I have a methodology and data collection template people can copy and use.

DM me if you want to contribute.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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@Intoxicus710 it would be good to see these results as the devs don't even know what luck % does

going of previous experience never noticed any difference, went out stacked with over 160% luck and no legendary loot and other times went out with 0 luck and got 3 in an hr
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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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The devs do know what luck does. They programmed it.

Not telling us the formulas and loot tables does not mean they don't know.

There is no need to be negative and hostile towards the devs like that.

They might not see some anomalies in their metrics and telemetry though.

Getting that big picture view can sometimes result in missing details testing like what I am doing can reveal.

For example I think I ran across a bug nerfing luck. Something like that can get lost in big picture views and drowned out.

If you can contribute to the dataset and keep tracking of some specific bugs like the lvl 1 bug it can help a lot to pin down this potential loot bug if it really exists.

More info on Loot Bug:

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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HoR, GM2, 7 Rare, 12 Epics, 6 Masterwork, 1 Legendary. Power Level 704, 0% Luck, 25% Harvest Bonus, Sigils = Armor - Shield - Lightning

Legendary did not drop of the Monitor, he dropped about 4 Masterwork.
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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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@Intoxicus710 watch this video i posted it earlier in this thread and tell me again if they know what Luck does, it is set at the 28 minute mark where they mentioned luck on the live stream on Wednesday
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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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I am 100% sure this is how they coded it and has everything to do with chasing the carrot on a stick.


At firs the game is very generous with loot. My latest run 5+ masterworks and 2 legendaries in 1h session (86% luck). It doesn’t matter if I do freeplay or a stronghold in GM2. Results are the same.


Then the good loot stops


For long time it’s sub par loot blues and the pruple rain. Not even MWs. I am not sure what the reset is. Playtime, servertime, amount looted. But it resets

The game starts being generous again and the cycle continues.


Luck percentage plays a factor into this but not to a degree people think. That’s why it explains people with almost 190% luck still don’t see a legendary rain. Because there is a cap on how much you can get in a certain given time.


They have programmed it so you invest more time playing the game chasing the loot. Same strategy as lootboxes. The first few will be generous rewards so you can buy more.

You see a lot of youtubers making the 1h,  0% luck vs X% lick vids. There is a visible and quantifiably increase but don’t realize after the initial loot shower it turns into a purple rain.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

[ Edited ]
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Correlation is not causation.

It could be a simple bad luck streak.

OR if it is the bug you're in a bugged state that took me a reinstall of the game to clear and fix.

Reinstall and clear the lvl 1 bug and I bet your loot will go back to normal.

My testing has shown their is probably a bug related to the lvl 1 bug and does not correlate with your tinfoil hat theory at all.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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I'm not shocked the developers seem like they do not know what luck does. Everyone knows it's common place to wear a blindfold while coding, to ensure plausible deniability about anything that may be in said code. 


I've only a meager 465 hours in game at the moment, but my findings suggest luck does next to nothing. It's a placebo. 


* Dons Tinfoil Hat *


Anyone have opinions on possible effects to loot for those who purchased in game currency?  I have noticed from screen shots, that those seeing more than usual amounts of legendary items, have purchased in game currency. Na! Surely they would not do that. There is nothing I want from the store, not enough choices, but I will test,  "The tinfoil hat theory" here in a bit.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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did what you suggested, created 4 papa pumps and none had luck on them, Just ran a GM2 and got 21 items, not one with Luck. Creating a brand new load out to see if that helps.

Side note: This is also the same across all 4 of my Javelins, not one luck item on any of them.
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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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I have 200 hours total and only 4 legendaries.

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