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Luck % - Community Experiment


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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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Did you see on the live stream the other day?


They were discussing the Luck stat, said they were unsure what it actually does but they have their speculations, the devs are busy looking into this stat and they will get back to us on it.


I can hunt all day on my Interceptor for legendary loot and get nothing and log on my storm and get 5 within the space of about an hr or 2, also test this a few other ways.



Interceptor > storm > interceptor = Storm gets all the good loot

storm > interceptor > storm = storm gets all the good loot


whatever combination i play the storm gets much better loot chance and the storm has no Luck stat and my Interceptor has roughly 100% + and 90% of the good loot is on the storm and i have only played that class for a few days.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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Hey Spectre,


Just to clarify, this was to try and get a quick feel using multiple players to draw a quick picture.


If many players are reporting the member of their squad getting more Legendary Items with when having luck stats well over 90%, that’s all we need to know in my opinion.


I am just talking about 20 squads running a couple of sessions with members with high luck and member with 80-90% luck and some with no luck.


If the majority of people reports that higher luck getting better loot, that would mean it makes a difference.


So far, people are reporting luck makes no difference overall.


Will be running more testing with my squad and report back and anyone willing to do the same thing, that would be appreciated.


By the way, I agree that the game should make things clearer, they really struggle with that overall, which makes it look like this game was rushed... I mean you wouldn’t believe this game took 6 years to develop when you consider all the basic things missing, the lack of clarity/content...etc...


Petition sounds nice, let me know once you started one! 👍🏼





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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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Hey Iyeay, 


Luckily for your luck, there is a way to get luck without relying on lucky drops. 🤓


It takes ember but there are MW pieces thar you can craft yourself to get your luck stats up.


You can craft MW weapons and get some luck on them, try the Papa Pump shotgun which I have seen coming with luck quite often, let me know how that goes.


Also when you get LB / RB / LB+RB items, complete their challenges to obtain their bueprints.


That rights are 5 things you craft to get rolls with luck inscription on, that’s how I got most of my luck into my build! 👍🏼


Hope that helps!


Ps: not sure how well the luck inscription works but hey! haha

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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Regardless of javelin, luck value, or gm level (1|2) since Tuesday:


Loot has been mostly epic+blue, sometimes only epic or blue (gm2). mw drops are stingy. no legendaries. Legendary enemies are epic fountains. mobs drop mw.


From freeplay to strongholds, mission type is all about the same level of unhappy purple rain.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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try this on for size:


Tuesday I got three Legendary's 2 for a ranger 1 for a colossus.


I never play those suits I was using my Interceptor


Haven't seen a legendary since Tuesday, Husband playing in the same room with me, on the same team has gotten 11 since Tuesday


During these same session I have gotten alot of MW, Hubby has gotten 6 of those.


Something strange?

It however rains the purple stuff

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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This is the live stream from Wednesday 20th. 28 Minutes in, they have no idea what the Luck stat does. 


I mean how do they not know...

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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All that, plus the supposed bug with luck makes it a real pain to do any accurate data gathering. Also need to realize that drops are getting a bit of a rework in the next update (Tuesday?). So hopefully that will fix most of this issue, fingers crossed.

But even if you wanted or had time to do solid data gathering and make a report, by then, you'd have to start over after the update to adjust for the changes, lol.
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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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I think taht gathering data about luck stat only means nothing. For what I saw :

  • You have to take in account luck and MW/Legendaries altogether. MW already are part of the rarest drops.
  • Gathering data should discriminate GM difficulty
  • Gathering data should discriminate activities
  • Gathering data should discriminate mobs/mobs ranks (common, elite, legendary).

For example, I mainly play on GM2 difficulty. Alternating Freeplay (events and hidden places) and SH. I run a 704 javelin with 81% luck. I did notice that each time I played on GM1 difficulty and went beyond 50% luck and 700 PL, I get nothing but purple/blue items.

 Increasing luck and javelin power level do increase MW drops. Over 100 hours, I upped from 0 MW drop by run to 0-5 MW drops when switching from GM1 to GM2.


However, from what I saw, legendary loot drops seem really weird. You can sometimes have a lego rain during a SH run (happened once to me, got 3 lego in a run). I sometimes get one. But most of the time, I only get MW items.


Moreover, there could be other triggers/factors for legendary drops : completing the main story, doing the trials, and so. Since we don't know what affects legendary drops, it is really difficult to analyze data.

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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teacup775, that is useful info indeed. I have come across too many people reportingly hearing Prince when playing this game (RIP).


What is your luck percentage if you don’t mind me asking?


Have you seen anyone get better drops with luck % over the alleged 90% cap on luck?

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Re: Luck % - Community Experiment

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PauheGunor, good stuf there buddy. One of the reasons why I share these is genuinely to try and help a team who doesn’t to fully understand what is going with their own. Why? Because I enjoy the game and want it to get better.


Useful stuff about switching javelins, I have noticed that too. Sure it is NOT meant to happen but it had happened to me a few times now.


Another post corroborating the fact that 90-100% luck is getting less luck in their experience, interesting!


Thanks for sharing!

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