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Lost item ? in Stronghold <- Click here

by PinkieNymph

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Lost item ? in Stronghold <- Click here

★★ Guide

I just play scar nest and first time server fill me to spot after 2nd chest. So I just cancel it. But second time server send me to same spot and same group . And I view they lvl . they are  700+ just one of them is 650 so I don't mind to just play as service. 


And I know... As always Server will auto pick up those drop for me. And at the end of boss It just drop 2 MW next to me. So I not pick anything up . Couz I know server will pick it up for me. 


But .. its not...……..


I don't mind to lose that 2 mw and waste about 20 min . I found very worth reason . Item can be lost if not pick it up in strong hold IF you not over there since it start. 


This so vauable info . when compare with I just lost 2 MW drop . and sure most 99% of MW drop of me is just a  junk its not worth over than 1 MW ember is I can harvest in GM3 from 1 node. 


I hope this post will help poorlancer. You need to pick up everything. or else it just left behind over there.




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