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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

by neillkorey

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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

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So... right there is your issue.

Because you have a problem, you're demanding everyone else have that same problem...? Why not come up with a solution?


Rather than having the right-stick control menu browsing, and allowing your left-stick for movement... you're wanting functionality removed from the game?


Not to mention it's your decision to use a controller in the first place. Some games don't even have controller support, would you just not play those games, or play on mouse and keyboard?

Basically, it's baffling that you want to handicap everyone, when clearly other people don't share your opinion.

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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

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Wouldn't it just be better if controllers could move while looting by changing it to the right stick to navigate inventories and excetra?


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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

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There is a reason why Console and PC games don't cross platform on certain genres lol.


You chose to * yourself with a Controller instead of using the KB/Mouse, for reasons i don't understand lol...why on earth did you bother gaming on a PC if you want to use a Controller? If you want the level playing field, go and jump on the Console instead?


Stop expecting companies to compensate to your specialised play style and use the tools for each platform as they were designed to be used. If you want to be part of the PC Master race, then do it properly...stop trying to bring down our functionality to that of Console...We're PC Gamers for a reason.

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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair


Thanks for you reply, I don't necessary agree with your point about mice, they can do much more that just enable quick functions, but i'll not dwell on it becasue i think we're making some headway i the discussion.

I like your suggestion on using the 2nd stick to be able to either navigate the menu or to strafe like kb/mouse players do. I think this is a much better idea that restricting players.

Perhaps something like left stick for movement, right for menu options, RT (R2) for picking up item.


Op has mentioned their specific circumstances, but there's lots of reasons why I and others want to play pad on PC.

For me it's because all my friends have abandoned Xbox and built PC's - but i'm relatively new to PC gaming (approx 3 years, FPS approx 1 year) and i'm just far more comfortable on pad. We're not the enemy, and we're just as much a part of the PC community as anyone else.

Just don't get too salty when we hit you with our god like aim assist Standard smile jk!

I don't work for EA i'm just a gamer trying to help. Respect one another and have fun. Standard smile

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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

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There is no progress being made here because people are somehow assuming im playing on a controller out of choice.

They arent even reading what i typed.


They also dont understand what im talking about has nothing to do with the physical limitations of controllers and its solely a game design decision or oversight that can be fixed through coding.


They also dont understand the simple concept that if everyone is locked down like a controller then nobody is punished. Its like someone comes up with a new sport like football but one team gets 50+ players extra on the field with no drawbacks... And when someone says "maybe the players should be even and we should remove the extra ones from that one team" the team with the extra players starts yelling and screaming and raising all hell.  It blows my mind how anyone would condone a blatant advantage.

Its fixing an issue of balance by taking away some crummy advantage that was haphazardly given to you.




Someone at respawn didnt stop to think "hey... people can still walk around while looting on pc and we didnt make that change on our controller ui yet... maybe we should do that"

Or, in my opinion go for better game design and remove that "feature" from the game completely because wiggling around while looting is stupid. I dont know why anyone would even want it in the game and defend it.


Clearly the developers werent expecting people to exploit this movement as much as it is being done with the fact they didnt bother to code it into the controller.




No. Just because i use a controller does not mean i need to be artificially handicapped by lazy design decisions. I deserve to employ the same tactics that keyboard users can do especially since the controller IS CAPABLE of doing it mechanically.

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Re: Looting deathboxes with controller is unfair

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Your right it is not by choice you are useing controller but it is your choice to be on pc but keep arguing that other people should have consequences based on your choices 

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