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Loot is crap

by lazymorrell

Original Post

Loot is crap

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I know everyone always comes in and cries "bugs are more important" "but cheaters" etc etc but those issues are always being worked on so let me get that out the way.


The loot system in this game is by no means rewarding and does not make me want to play more;


Battle pass: This was a massive waste of money and I wish i didn't get it as there is nothing of worth except for the level 100 skin and the amount you have to play to get that skin is astonishing. It doesn't even matter how well you do as the balance is just terrible and you can get more score just hiding in a bush than you can being active. Time played is scaled so high that you need to play 4-5 games right to the end each day to hit the ONLY decent item in the battle pass.


Loot boxes: You get almost none of these, its pathetic. Just give people one each level, you want them to feel rewarded for playing so they continue to play. After 100 they just stop, that's dumb. Sure you want people to buy the battle pass and spend money on cash shop but its the people who AREN'T spending money that need the reward to keep them playing. If they feel unrewarded, which at 100 rewards just stop completely, why would they continue to play. As a result queue times will increase and those who are paying will get frustrated and quit too.


Legend tokens: why do I need to spend $18 to buy a skin to even get access to spend these on the store. Again, this is about rewarding those who don't spend money to keep them playing the game and making those who do spend money fell like they aren't being bled for every little thing. Ifits possible to buy a store items once a month or so and still get loot boxes people will feel rewarded and valued and wont just go back to some other game.


Crafting Material: maybe if you gave away a fair amount of loot boxes I'd have more of these, I could look and skins and make an effort to get them, a goal to aim for, but nope. Another pointless POS item in the game not worth working towards or paying attention to.


Cash shop skin: they're crap, without a doubt. I am not paying $18 for the crappy pistol skin you have right now, its in the game FFS and it looks like crap. Make an interesting gun thats not in the game and sell that. In theory The Golden Idol only costs $10, and about a month of your time, but either way if you're wanting people to buy skins at least put in some effort.


This game just doesn't have enough reward to warrant playing, I've got the battle pass and I'm just sick of grinding out levels for rewards that are without a doubt utter garbage. 20% of it is just badges for ever 5th level you get, I dont care about these and I bet most people dont either. The loot boxes are almost all crap ones, like lvl 93, well done you've made it that far, have a * loot box full of grey drops. Lvl 50, a great place to add something of quality, as cool as the golden idol to make people feel rewarded, nope a stupid <50> badge.... WOW! I get that bugs can kill the experience as can cheaters but what kills it even more is having no experience at all, no rewards for you time, people will push through bugs and cheaters if the experience overall is rewarding. I've pretty much quit this game, I've burned out on grinding the crappy battle pass levels for utterly crap rewards. I couldn't tell you a single skin that I've got so far, its that forgettable. You want people to be excited about the rewards, think black ice from R6S people love and know that skin. People should be able to say they got something and know the name, like the level 100 golden idol, but what have I got? Nothing of worth or note.


This game is not the next fortnite, its in the league of Fallout 76, Anthem and Battlefront 2, your game is going to die in the arse and its all going to be because of trying to bleed everyone for every single last penny without even giving a single reward. I literally have not got an item in game yet that I consider any better than the starter skins, they are that pathetic and your game design is that bad. I've quit at this point and I highly doubt that the game will be able to pull me back in, there is just nothing to strive for or want. 


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Re: Loot is crap

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Omg Please go back to Fortnite the most ridiculous game imo, I have never played it but watched people, nothing but wall building crap game imo crappy graphics, Not to mention how long has fortnite been out?? I never played a BR game until this one and I love it,

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Re: Loot is crap

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Fortnite is entirely different and it's all about wedding dresses and impressing 12yos with cell shaded things.

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Re: Loot is crap

★★★★ Novice

I know fortnite is a different art style, it is however the same genre and the most successful example of the genre so any comparison is more than fair. Games want to be the next fortnite which is super successful and profitable with a massive player base. No where did I say we need wedding dresses or stupid crap like in fortnite. I actually used an in game gun as my example and skins from R6S. There is only 1 gun skin in the entire game that looks like it had any effort put in to it to make it feel special, make it worth money. That gun skin is at lvl 100 of the battle pass which rewards play time only. You need to play 4-5 games a day to get the gun before the season finishes, that's ridiculous. Thats 4-5 games in a buggy and hacker filled game to get the only reward worth anything in the battle pass, there is no cool skins lower down to rewards you getting halfway, its 100 or nothing. But hey you do get the <x5> badge constantly. Plus all the crappy tracked stats and such, the rewards in this game as a whole is just lackluster.


But hey you guys can shill for them all you like, be fanbois. ride that train right up until there is no player base left and then blame it on hackers. cause other games dont have the same issue. Game die because they cant keep players interested, rewards are the way players remain interested in this game, lack of rewards can and will kill a game. Just ask the Anthem community.

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Re: Loot is crap

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I've quit at this point
I think this game is not for you. Please play Fortnite instead.
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Re: Loot is crap

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I don't play Fortnite and the BS shill fanboi response isn't going to make the game have longevity. Fanboi's don't keep a game alive nor does a lackluster battle pass.
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Re: Loot is crap

★★ Guide

The skins and what you pay for in apex legends is 90% not worth it.

Almost everything is just a color adjustment on the skin and most of the legendary skins are not that great.


The endgame is not that great, you can only farm stats.

Just showing people's true levels would already be a HUGE improvement.

This way there is always something to gain even if its just a number on your banner, people want that number to be higher then other people's.


But I don't play for cosmetics.

I just want to be as good as i can become.

Getting 10 kills in a game is rewarding enough for me. Puts a larger smile on my face then any bought or in time earned cosmetic could ever do.


Unless cosmetics are earned with actual achievements that require you to do more then Pay or just play the game X hours.

They have hardly any value to me.


I spend money on this game because i can afford it and i played this game a lot and i believe a little support is the least i can do.

There is not much in the world that can entertain you for 400 hours and then asks you to pay whatever you want.


And just for that this game is amazing as it is.

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Re: Loot is crap

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I didn't finish everything you wrote but for me someone play in Asia and got the Battle Pass. I think sometimes I need to find the most quiet spot of the map and just hide there without doing anything. Maybe I will just go away and after 10 minutes back to see how much XP I got for the time being.


As you got zombies, spammers, cheaters, cheat-streamers, cheat sellers, noobs, laggings, server downs, all are ruining the normal playing experience.


So, if you want to achieve level 110 and to have fun all the time, I don't think that's quite possible.

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Re: Loot is crap

★ Apprentice

I mean, you get back the apex coins you spent of the pass if you finish it soooo. Imo it's not all that bad,especially since I actually enjoy the game.

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