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Loot drop rate worse with new patch

by Dilute7

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Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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Loot drop rate still sucks big time. For me its even worse with the new patch. I’m not getting diddley on any GM2 content.


My “build” is basically a gaggle of the highest level items I have. So basically not even a build. When a legendary finally does drop it doesn’t fit any of the builds I want to play.


TBH, I don’t even know what I’m gearing up for.  It’s not like there’s a raid. There’s no gear score requirement for higher content. Besides, GM3 is just GM2 with more health and damage, with the same stingy loot drop rates. 


The players are begging for more loot, but the company is refusing to budge. Why so stubborn? At this point I’m suspicious they’re being stingy because it’s a business decision that has to do with money/profit (and addiction psychology). 


Anyways, sure a very small percentage of players are getting good loot. Congrats to you guys. However, the majority of us are just endlessly grinding away to achieve our endgame power fantasy that we’ll never actually achieve. Just mindlessly chasing a carrot on a stick. 



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Re: Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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Re: Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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I'm actually seeing drastically improved and more consistent drops. Multiple MW for even a basic gm2 contract. Just did about an hour of a GM3 freeplay freeplay and got 3 legs.


Still not amazing, but noticeably better so far.

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Re: Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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I'm seeing the opposite.  I had maybe 4-5 legendaries pre-patch.  I got 4 legendaries just completing all the dailies for today.

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Re: Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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agreed. did 2 legendary contracts, 1 legendary mission, one ToS SH. 15 mw's and a legendary serpent's veil I've been waiting for! this took maybe 2 hours of gameplay. all gm2.

loot isn't supposed to rain legendaries, play the game in gm1 or 2, enjoy it, and the loot will come. it took me 3 weeks after hitting 30 to get a leg, now I have all slots except components. I'm sure they will come. have patience Standard smile
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Re: Loot drop rate worse with new patch

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My rate has dropped sadly although im still pounding away the missions trying to get another drop.

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