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Loot / Crafting 2.0

by Balarush

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Loot / Crafting 2.0

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Introducing The Shaper Opulence. 


A relic that can transform items from one thing into another at great cost. 

This could potentially reintroduce universal colour drops to all levels and rarities given the points below, and give what is lackluster loot some purpose:


  • 10 items of the same rarity would equal one item of the next rarity. Random items get random results. 
  • 10 specific items (10 pistols say) would equal one pistol of the next rarity. 
  • Weapon upgrade: insert a weapon or component of choice and flood it with weapon parts and embers to upgrade that specific weapon (one with possibly good rolls that is unusable due to low quality) to its next rarity.
  • Inscription boosting: Add embers or parts to boost a single inscription percentage, mag size, luck etc. 
  • Inscription Mold: Inscriptions can be changed through added embers or weapon parts / Javelin parts. Said inscriptions would be earned through deeds throughout the world in freeplay, missions, strongholds. 
  • Auto Scrap: You can specify a rarity and anything equal to or lower than is scrapped automatically, giving you more room for the desired rarity, keeping you fighting for longer without returning to empty a full inventory.
  • Mass Salvage: Select a single rarity (or multiple) in the inventory and dismantle all instead of one by one. 

    On the Lore side of things, the Opulence is too big and too interconnected to other relics to be safely moved to Tarsis. That means it's in the wilderness. It means it's not free, you'll have to sometimes fight to use it as other factions want its power for their own. When freed, it won't be free forever and will be a constant tug of war. Luxury comes at a cost. Occasionally certain items combined spawn otherworldly creatures you'll have to silence to use the Opulence again. 

Strong Alone. Stronger Together.

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