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Longbow is so annoying

by IlkaySekerci

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Longbow is so annoying

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Longbow is makin the team fights unbeareable someone shootin u from somewhere you dont know and you cant even  response and even if u have gold armor you down with a 2 bullet its bullsiht man why you guys make this weapon so powerful to make players cancer every  change you guys make longbow buff pathfinder hitbox change all these are annoyin they didnt fix anything they made game more unbeareble I was waiting new season then I joined 1 match today and dead to -longbow with a gold armor then I opened this subject  its * I am saying in a game where people fight 3v3 you shouldnt make a weapon which is sniper so powerful whhile you fighting with another guyy bumm you dead another one shoot you with a longbow so rapidliy and you down niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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With longbow you can break line of sight and ist going to take long for someone far away to move into line of sight again.

Id say the peacekeeper is worse by alot. You can down a whole team with blue armor without reloading if you hit every shot.. you only need 33% accuracy to kill someone before reload. 


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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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Longbow is finally *barely* usable, it's nowhere near OP and it's still usually best to not even shoot at long range. If you're getting killed by longbow often then you really need to l2p.


P.S. I do love to carry longbow as my second, but rarely get to actually use it effectively and I still eventually regret not having a more useful backup weapon.

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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The longbow is fine if your getting killed from a long bow stop staying out in the open and get behind cover. I have yet to die from a long bow user. The long bow does the user more harm then good the gun is loud as hell and makes everyone aware of your location for the flank.


There isn't anything wrong with the long bow. The triple take is more scary then the long bow in my opinion. 

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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I do find the Longbow annoying only due to the rate of fire. They need to tune that back down. With the new character on the way providing a more defense style game play I feel the sniper game play is going to make a huge jump. Most importantly, the wingman is still the best sniper in the game. It's viable at close encounters and long range, packing tons of damage with a decent rate of fire. The slight nerf to the ammo count was a joke. The heavy extended mags are so common around the map it doesn't even matter. 

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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It has a slow fire rate, is incredibly loud (gives your position away) and needs a skull piercer to make it strong.


If you hear it, find cover. If a shot hits you, do not stand still and instead keep moving and make yourself a hard target.


Do not stand fighting in the open. If you are fighting, reposition.


It's strong, but not OP imo. So many people stand out in clear view shooting at other teams. Learn to pick your fights according to your position and problem solved.

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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@IlkaySekerciHow about that, a sniper, of all weapons, that is strong and that can actually kill you.

A sniper NEEDS to be strong. It is basically the counterpart in range of a shotgun. Shotgun close range = very deadly, sniper at long range.

Like ppl exclaimed, it’s nowhere near OP. The fire rate is good, dmg only works when it’s early game and you use it as a shotgun or sniping someone with no armor. The gun only becomes powerful with a skullpiercer and if you’re a good shot. I suck at sniping. I hardly ever hit head, but sometimes I just allign my sights just right. Even then, if I use a longbow (which I might do every once in a blue moon) and get a headshot. My target’s already behind an object re-upping while his teammates shoot at me, or I’m getting flanked.

I have no idea how you can’t hear the shot... unless he’s shooting you from over 300m but if you get downed from that range due to that weapon, your game sense might not be very good, your headset sucks or is too low, or you’re just really unlucky.


Have you ever been shot by the Kraber? If you think the Longbow’s OP, what is your opinion on the Kraber. Headshot = 1 shot, body shot = 2 times to down with purple/gold armor. 

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Re: Longbow is so annoying

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all cheaters name is  DouyuTv  

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