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Re: Locking subject on cheating

by napalm51

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Locking subject on cheating

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As of today all subjects on cheating are getting locked. Does this mean that we are not allowed to talk about something as objvious as cheating?


I know i haven't seen a lot of cheaters on the EU servers. But others testify that there is an overabundance of cheating going on, on the eastern regions of the globe. 

That doesn't mean EVERYONE is doing it. Just that it is a big enough problem that should be dealt with.

When some people have to deal with cheaters in 9 out of 10 games. Something is wrong, really wrong! 


Should we be silenced for voicing our concerns? I don't think so. But i am not the owner of this forum, and they do as they want.


Silencing us is not the way to deal with the current problems. That just frustrates the current playerbase even more. If we try to voice our concern and gets shut up, while we see cheaters going in day after day kinda sends signals that we are wrong to voice our concerns.


I invite admins on the forums to talk about this problem, without copy pasting regular answers. I invite them to debatte. Standard smile



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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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@neillkorey , i know they are talking about whole regions or countries. Saying EVERYONE cheats might be wrong. But when some people have cheaters in 95% of their games, something is seriously wrong with that region.

I see an increasing amount of cheaters in EU now as well. Will they rename Apex Legends to Cheating Legends soon? :P

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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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yeah man... it's shameful


i think they are trying to hide the problem because they don't have the competence to deal with it.




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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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I don't know if that is the case. But it could be what people think and see when they do that.

I would really like to have a debatte with an forum admin, without copy paste answers.
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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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I believe the admins here would agree that what they did were not something perfect.


It is just when the whole ambience of the forum are getting not very nice then the admins must do something about it but rather let everyone say whatever they wanted to say.


I think the majority of the players are looking forward to see the completion of this game, which is definitely far from completion and gave lots of players a feeling of dissatisfaction.


For example, I just saw someone says there should be a feedback feature. You see you reported someone cheating, then next time you enter the game you see this notice popping up saying some guy you reported had already been banned.


Bang ! That's it ! That's this one key thing must have in this game. I don't know much game, all I know is Overwatch, whenever I see this notice popping up saying someone I reported was being banned. Awesome ! Best feeling in the world ! Simply made my day ! Oh yeah !


Yes, this game is far from completion, just a week ago we don't even have in-game report function, rediculous.


Lots of features still need to be designed.

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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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Anyway, what the admins doing in this forum is just what admins are doing. In my experience most admins don't really chat with users at all.


They just do those operations on the forum.


So I guess that's how everything dead.


But as there are admins, then there must be dead things. Admins have power to do the admin stuff, and I guess if they did not use those power then it would be wasted ? No matter what consequence it might results.

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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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there is no other case, of course they will try to keep the integrity of the forum, since we don't talk about anything else here, well deserved.

what annoys me is the fact that the solution will not come so soon, respawn / ea obviously are not showing ability to solve the numerous problems that apex has, not just cheating. cheating is the biggest problem, yet ...

I've never seen a game with so many cheaters in my life, it's insane ...
the fun in the game does not exist anymore, only the fun of playing with my friends remains.

all games man, ALL THE F*KING GAMES speedhackers, aimbots, and now they are starting to only use wallhacks, maybe because it's harder to spot/ban and the program doesn't shoot for you.


i can't stand these robot copy pasta answers anymore... it's a bad joke


"bla bla use this AWESOME report system, we serious business, bla bla"


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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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80 % of the threads is about cheater so yes they should lock it and delete it. Stick to one thread instead of creating new ones every minute...

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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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9/10 Threads in this forum are about cheating. 

We get it already.



On top of that I guarantee that most of those threads are made by people who are just calling hax to justify their death. There is absolutely no reason to have the entire forum taken over by cheater threads. All I can say is this:


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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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@VPPTrue wrote:

 I guarantee that most of those threads are made by people who are just calling hax to justify their death. 

If only google analytics supported your assumption.  Every week Apex Legend Cheat sites are constantly increasing in traffic.   One of the more popular reddit threads for freeware, points out that one file alone, has been downloaded over 300K times in the USA alone.  


If you take account that most American gamers try and hide cheats, and use a VPN to acquire them, that number is false baseline.  


And this doesn't even touch on China, Brazil or Russia. 

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Re: Locking subject on cheating

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Hi @Dogge7 


Actually I also have to agree with you, as I have been admin of a forum before. I'd like my forum to be nice and clean rather than loads of chaotic stuff, complaint stuff like that.


So I know as an admin, the forum is not just a place where all the players complain the things they are not happy about a game. A forum is also the admin's own place, it is like the admin's child. The admin certainly have certain ideas about how everything evolve.


If it is me looking at the forum having 20 posts about cheaters everyday, then I wouldn't feel happy about it. Yes, there are millions of Apex players worldwide, they may all visit the EA official forum one day, says something about the game. Now 90% of the posts are about cheating, it is about player's hatred towards cheaters, posting videos they captured, posting cheater's ID, to seek justice.


IMO, the game would just be like this at this stage. There are all sorts of trouble in this world. Gamers cheating, politicians lying and corrupting, all sorts of things. So, this forum is not just for everyone to seek their own justice, after all it's just a game, free to play, with this situation that hacking isn't an illegal thing yet. Thousands of cheaters does this regardless of the player majority's feeling. It sure feels cool to cheat, but the majority of the society were certainly being damaged by those selfish ones.


The admins here have different visions than the players. As a normal player, you get bullied by a cheater in a game and want to seek justice in the forum, but that's not what the forum is for, if you could try to see from admin's perspective. Justice and order will come sooner or later. Players may not believe it will ever come, as they need a immediate response for the injustice they met in the game, players continuesly posting new topics to seek justice, like a society in chaos, at this time, before this effective system being built, thousands of complaints will be there, but once the system was built, things will be normal.


Everything will get better, I was born in 1985, I watched the world getting better and better as I got older and older. I have my trust in people, in humanity, in justice.

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