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List of major bugs/issues

by LegionEmperor

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List of major bugs/issues

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Hi EA,

List of All issues, Performance issues that i had and suggestion for improvements for future. Hope some of them will be addressed on 22nd.


List of bugs/issues:

1. The first and foremost is occasional disconnect. Mostly at the end of a mission/expedition/contract or at times in the middle of them game suddenly disconnects. It will re-connects in few seconds or it will go back to home screen and I have to re-join session.

2. Another most annoying bug is suddenly the audio will be off in between a mission, have to complete the mission in silence. Re-start the game to get the audio back.

3. Game restarts while selecting certain choices when we are talking with Saraya (name might be wrong. She is the vendor on the forge side), Leyton, Bar Owner and Methias

    Vendor Saraya: Talking about pet Corox - selecting option 1, 1 and 1

     Leyton - I think its first time or second time when talking with him 1 and 1

     Bar owner - asking to undo ban on Methias, if i select choice to unban sumner it simply restarts

     Methias - i dont remember this one properly. Sorry about that. But only happened once.

Every time the error is "EA cannot retrieve Anthem Live server data" (something like that). So i have to make other choices to escape from the re-start or to continue with the conversation

4. Heart of rage - The rewards chest after defeating the first Titan, I could not see them. Seems like whoever is near/open the chest first getting the reward or we are not able to see what we are getting.

5. Path to Glory: Legionaire. Tasks are not being tracked properly. Even though i completed 2 contracts it is still showing 0. But stronghold it counted properly.

6. Rubberbanding - Only faced 3 times till now, have to do something with server re-connects i think

7. Lucky/Unlucky Boosting: I dont know how to name this. Not all 4 members are able to start at the same time. Couple of them are loaded first and couple of them are loaded late or very late. Like i;m the last one to enter the mission. By the time i enter, mostly the first part of mission is already over or about to complete. So I wont get the same opportunity as others in gaining XP. It might not much of XP that I'm loosing but it still matters when you look at the amount of missions/contracts/expeditions we do. In the end total XP gained is a way to compare how well you did. At least I do that.

8. If couple of teammates reaches the respawn restricted area in a mission the other are not able to enter. I faced this especially in heart of rage twice and in some occasional mission. Because of this if both the teammates who reached the room has fallen then there is no way to revive them and we are stuck. Either they need to re-connect and we all should wait until both of them are re-connected or re-start the mission.


Improvements for future: I know there are couple of fixes/improvements coming on 22nd. So these are the only few things I have

1. Too many load screens

2. Ability to re-play story missions

3. More variety of missions

4. Enemies disappear when task completed.

5. Sometimes the next objective in mission takes time to come.


Hi Community,

Please add if i miss any bug/issue or solution if you have any. 


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Re: List of major bugs/issues

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Forgot to add couple of more in suggestion

1. Loading screens take long time to load

2. Ability to see all Loyalty progression in one place and rewards by loyalty level.

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Re: List of major bugs/issues

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In addition, you can add:

 1. Rebinding keys will freeze and crash your game if you are using M+K 

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