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by Vanya-pathfinder

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Re: Linux.

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Well you don't really have to support linux, maybe just leave in a way that 'plays well' with portability - the threshold is just how many barriers you have against third party community developers. Wine as * as it is managed to attract dxvk, and that was further modified into steam's proton.
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Re: EA it's time to make plans on Linux

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Hi @EA_Tom , @nenoro_95 


Now I would just like to start off by saying that yes I know this thread is almost a year old. However that being said I feel that this thread is still very much relevant now in 2019. Especially when it comes to the massive advancements in the Linux space. Just some of the happenings we've seen in the last year include:


1: Wine has reached a stable 4.0 and is running a record amount of Win applications and games with very little issues or effort.

2: Steam has implemented their own version of wine catered specifically for gaming called Proton.

3: Both Proton and Wine have been accompanied by a number of add-ons that make gaming on Linux even more convenient such as DXVK.

4: Graphics drivers have seen great advancements. With Nvidia drivers on both Linux and Windows right now being the exact same version.

5: Vulkan a great next gen graphics API has native support on Linux and has made great progress and is currently implemented in multiple games, more so on Linux.

6: The amount of gaming and PC Tech news sites that have release Linux related articles, encouraging users to try Linux just this past year have been huge.

7: Even popular You Tubers have gotten in on the Linux craze including Linus Tech Tips.


And there are many more examples I can give. Now with all that said. As I've heard many people state before and it is a valid point. EA is a business and as a result decisions made should have a monetary incentive and porting EA published games to Linux doesn't hold a large enough incentive. Now this can be argued both ways and both sides will have valid points.


That being said an argument I feel is quite weak against Linux is the one to simply have Origin ported to Linux. The reason for this is quite simple, ever-since EA decided to host third party titles on Origin they became not only a digital distributor of EA games but simply a digital games distributor period. This placed them in direct competition with Steam and GOG. Both platforms that sell Linux versions of games if they happen to exist. 


Now EA need to ask themselves, is it really worth it not to port Origin, a digital games distribution platform built on technologies that already exist on Linux to Linux and risk losing sales to other platforms that essentially offer the client more options? Also keeping in mind that even though most gamers might not have Linux installed today, they might tomorrow and most gamers have thought of it, and the ability to play their games on as many platforms as possible does play a factor when purchasing games. Or as the old saying goes, customers like options.


Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the matter.


Take Care Standard smile


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Origin and Linux distro support

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As an Ubuntu user and Gamer I would love to see Origin available for me.

I am using your competitor Steam in Ubuntu without issues. What is the status on the native Linux Origin software?

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Re: Linux.

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I believe another problems are EasyAnticheat and cooperation such as Epic Game don't see (or dislike) Linux to have potential of profit (of course they are wrong, but how do we convince them or their financial adviser?)


I really cannot stand Windows any longer, after I had been using Linux for a few years. Freedom and security are not mutually exclusive, we don't need to give up freedom for security. And no one need to listen to crap like uncompactable hardware if you not going to use windows 10.

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Re: Linux.

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The only reason I have a Windows 10 boot is to play FIFA 19..... and now Nvidia drivers are getting messed up with Windows. 


No signal notification on my display, tried all... reinstallation etc, the moment I install a driver that's the end of a usable display.


Am done... 

Will be purely on Linux....please bring Origin to Linux.

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Re: EA it's time to make plans on Linux

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A lot people mentioned about graphics drivers, but no-one mentioned that AMD open-source drivers for Linux are as much performant as proprietary drivers (new cards). I had no issues while playing games like Tom Raider (native Linux game) using open-source driver. Also with open-source (and probably with proprietary as well) there no problems to install them as system usually does it for us.

At least Valve does a really good job in terms of Linux gaming.

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Re: Linux.

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I know this is months late, but Origin and most games on Origin work under Linux. Just make sure the game doesn't use EAC. Fifa games as I've heard work perfectly. Battlefield games also work perfectly, I just played Battlefield V on Linux yesterday with no problems. I hope EA sees the demand and ports Origin and possibly their games to Linux. They should use Vulkan instead of DirectX in their newer games, DirectX is just not a good API. And by using Vulkan, they would make playing on Linux without a native port dead easy, and would have a performance gain on Windows. That's a win for everybody.

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Re: Linux.

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@yusuftahirpurde Win 10 failures and now a subscription coming, there is no point using winbloz.
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