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Re: Limited Access For Mac Users

by puzzlezaddict

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Limited Access For Mac Users

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Hey y'all


I am brand new to Origin and it all looks AWESOME!


But I'm upset because I'm a Mac user and there seems to be very few game options.


Does anyone know when Origin will be fully accessible to Mac users?




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Re: Limited Access For Mac Users

@leemarcf  The majority of EA games are not compatible with macOS, and that's been the case for a very long time, not only for EA but for most major producers of PC games.  It's unlikely to change any time soon, as the market for Mac versions of the most popular high-end games is quite small.  (The obvious exception is Sims games.)


Additionally, all but the most expensive Macs do not have the hardware to effectively run the most demanding games the way Windows PCs do.  So while you could certainly play something like Battlefield V or Jedi Fallen Order on the components built into a typical iMac or MacBook Pro (at least if those components include a dedicated graphics card), you'd be stuck with lower settings and/or low framerates.  Macs are great computers in a lot of ways, but they're not designed with gaming in mind, and the hardware reflects that.


If you do want to play Windows-only games on your Mac, you could Bootcamp, i.e. partition the hard drive and install Windows on one side.  This is very straightforward on Macs made in 2015 or later, although you would need to purchase a Windows 10 key ($140 U.S. for the Home version).  Or you could look into a GeForce Now, although it seems to have the occasional issue with Origin games.  But if a game you'd like to play isn't available for macOS now, the chances are that won't change any time soon.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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