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Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

by MorbidRomantic

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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@MorbidRomantic wrote:

I'm making this post because I don't see anyone else talking about it.  If you're like me, you may have noticed a reduction in the Apex Packs you receive after level 20.  This confused me at first, and I decided to look more into it.  So, it turns out that the level cap in Apex Legends is at 100.  And, between levels 1-100, a player will only receive 45 Apex Packs for free.  That's all you'll get.  Yeah, they do have an over-leveling system, but you only get Legend Tokens from it.  And, outside of unlocking characters, Tokens are useless.  You can't buy Packs with them, and the skins in the store require you to first obtain the legendary variants of them.  These legendary skins you can buy with real money (about $20 a piece).  Otherwise, you have to be lucky enough to obtain through Packs.  Or, get enough crafting materials to unlock them yourself, which are also randomly obtained only through Packs.

Honestly, I had been absolutely loving this game up until now.  But, finding out that leveling will only reward me so much makes me think, "What's the point?"  And, I feel any game (F2P or not) shouldn't strong-arm it's players to spend more money.  Especially when you're not guaranteed to get what you want out of the purchase...

Have you met EA?


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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Why isn't this a witch hunt on Reddit. I'm level 100 and I no longer get loot boxes really. I've spent alot already on the game. How much do they think this game is worth £500 or more ffs. 

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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I don't understand how you can be forced to buy cosmetic items.

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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The gatcha gambling system, also known as loot boxes, are designed to rarely give out any top tier rewards.  


It is designed like this, to bait weak willed users into gambling money at a chance to get the item they want. The chances of getting that item are extremely slim, and will require hundreds of dollars to be spent.



In many European countries they have banned this type of Gambling designed to cheat weak willed children. Hopefully everywhere else will eventually follow and ban this type of rigged gambling. 



You can only earn something like 45 free Apex Packs, which in total only gives you around a 7% chance to get even one Legendary Item.   After that they have completely locked everything else behind a pay wall. 


This is going to drive away a lot of the F2P player base in the long run, as after hitting level 100, there is not point to playing, since you aren't gaining any real rewards.  You can't even buy skins promoted in store with the in game currency without first paying real cash to unlock a skin you may not even want. Thus further pushing more players away. 


The system was designed for max greed, to try and maximize EA profits, however it is doing the exact opposite, as most people realize this type of system should be illegal everywhere. 


EA is completely aware of this 


"Electronic Arts' games FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 were also called out by the Commission, however, EA did not make any modifications to these games; EA had previously stated in May 2018 that it did not believe the implementation of loot boxes in their games constituted gambling.[139] As such, the Commission has started actions with the Belgian courts to initiate legal action against EA by September 10, 2018, though whether such action is possible would be a decision of the public prosecutor’s office.[140]Ultimately on January 29, 2019, EA announced that it would stop selling FIFA Ultimate Team packs with microtransactions to players in Belgium by February, bringing them into compliance with the Commission.[141]"


Even EA was forced to bend the knee or face legal repercussions. They are completely aware they are targeting people with gambling addictions, and don't have any moral senses to do the right thing, without fear of legal repercussions.


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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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@CaptainBlakbeard wrote:
To be fair. No one is strong arming you. It's a free game. The only thing you pay for (if you choose to) is cosmetics. Developers HAVE TO make money in order to make the games you enjoy. No money=no games, it's that simple. F2P is a gift. it's them saying "We have so much confidence in our product that we are going to let you play it for free to see if you like it. And if you like it, we would appreciate monetary compensation but it's not mandatory"

It's mind bogling how some people actually believe in this. Why, you make them sound like a charity organisation or something, that are spending millions on making an AAA title and then just gifting it out to people. Wake up, please. Its a business model. Business model that relies heavily on microtransactions and RNG boxes. Most people don't have anything against the former, but they do (and with good reasons) have a lot against the latter.


Yes, you are not -forced- to spend anything, but that doesn't mean its okay to need to drop real money on the off-chance (which usually is very low in all types of RNG boxes) that you will get what you want from your purchase. Microtransactions are fine, when not overpriced -- no, a 20 euro skin isn't okay. That's just redicilous. Also a 0.000000001% chance of getting what you want out of the RNG box isn't okay aswell.


I've spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic items in an MMO that I play actively, pricesely because I -always- knew what i am getting for my money and the prices werent so redicilously overpriced. It's in their best interest to take note from companies that have done the microtransactions model better, trust me.

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Levelling up after 100 is pure pointless and these white knights. This really has greed all over it. Give us like a box every 3/5 levels after 100. Tell you what give me the game for £40 and all the skins instead. 

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Originally I was of the mindset that I would give this issue a pardon. However the lack of transparency with the battle pass has turned torturous. It's still too early to say that they lied about a March release but getting this far into the month without any new significant information is a bad look. It comes across as either poor planning or a sly attempt to string along fans at the expense of those who have been keen to pay since launch.


The current store options are trash. Whether you choose to buy cosmetics directly or invest in apex packs, you will end up with very little if you were to only pay somewhere in the region of $60. After that you will be right back at square one earning only the slow, limited drip of items that all of the other free players get.

There's a layer of guilt tied to the fact that I've been enjoying this game without paying squat and ever since launch I have patiently waited to hear if the battle pass is indeed the answer. I want to give Respawn money with some assurance that I'm not going to end up with overpriced or unwanted junk.


Even without the release date there are other aspects to the battle pass which should have been answered by now, if only for the purpose of damage control. The longer I wait the more I worry that the pass isn't going to offer much, and that the price is going to turn out to be something ridiculous. Again it's not a good look in light of EA's past controversies and recent media storms surrounding other big players in the industry (like Dead or Alive 6's $93 season 1 pass).


All we know about it so far: It has a name. It's supposed to be this month. It will involve an unannounced degree of grinding before reaping the rewards.




I love games that keep me about because of their solid gameplay but when the game only offers Kings Canyon with randoms, cosmetic incentives are the next best thing.

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Never spent a dime on this game, yet. Probably will only ever buy Battle Passes, if need be.




So because it's a business model to provide a product at no cost, and accept money in return for items which are NOT required to play the game, it's somehow... abusive?


PSN has parental control over accounts EXACTLY to prevent this reason - so kids can't spend money on parents credit cards. If a kid has access to use family credit cards, purchases in-game RNG boxes and loses money... that is the fault OF THE PARENT, not the game. There is a reason for a legal age to obtain a credit card and for parental controls to exist.


Next, if a minor decides to spend their own money from proceeds earned on their own labour/work, it's THEIR MONEY. If you want to take this argument you might as well say everything in the world is abusive branding and all children should be hidden in a corner to prevent manipulation. What's the difference between a kids Coca-Cola commercial and RNG? Either way the kid is choosing to spend money on something they perceive valuable. Coca-Cola targets kids in commercials, should you rise up and file a complaint? If it's THEIR money.... THEY EARNED IT... they can choose what to do with it. Values, morals and principles are put in place by parents. You can't prevent stupid, stupid is stupid. You can't base business models and make them one-size fits all, not everyone is equal.

You basically said: "I don't like RNG and therefore think it's an invalid business model." < quietly continues to play Apex Legends for free while enjoying F2P business model > 

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Lol it’s a free to play game ultimately owned by EA.


Did you honestly think one of the greediest companies in gaming history would ok a game that didn’t make them money?


You think it’s bad now just wait to the battle pass is released.

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Re: Limit on free Apex Packs (forced to pay for loot boxes)

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Again, dumb logic.


If I gave you pancakes for free every morning for breakfast, and you ate them up, then a month later offered premium pancakes for a one-time fee of $15 which you could eat for 3 months....


Let's see, hmm... $15 and you get 3-5 months of breakfast every morning... hmm... sounds like a greedy deal!! Screw you pancake maker, you are greedy AF! < continues to eat free morning pancakes each day >

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