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Lets talk Engineer

by Ditronus

Original Post


Lets talk Engineer

★★★★ Novice

Soon, people will see that he is the strongest character in the game if you get used to aiming his primary. Once people get over Night Cap, he'll draw ire. Here's some notes for him:


-He can 1v1 anyone in the game, skill and ambushes aside, and win due to his damage and ability set.


-His primary weapon offers so many advantages; for instance, you can be in complete cover, away from enemies, and still lob/bounce your projectiles into the lot of them. This is very useful in guarding or attacking into points. Set up your turret by you to benefit from the buff, and lob away, and if anyone tries to attack into you, you'll already be set up to fight.


-His stun lasts a very long time if he tosses his bullhorn at one opponent.


-His turret doesnt show damage numbers (I wish it did), and can get kills of its own on the kill feed, but you are rewarded points for it. It does a lot of damage; you should always focus the turret down rather than the engineer if at a decent range since it has low hp and provides many benefits to him and others being up.


-His turret has a short cooldown after use, but a longer one after it is destroyed. If someone is focusing your turret down, place a new one slightly out of Los to keep its effects and avoid it being destroyed.


-When in his turret aura, he doesn't have to reload since it regenerates his supply faster than he can use it.


-If you see a burrowed chomper coming, mount up (sprint), and he can't shark attack you.


-If you get ambushed by any character, just mount away, or if you have your stun, throw it at them and proceed to kill them with ease.


-Most of the engineer's upgrades are useless. I'd recommend the speed pad one (master gier of upgrades) that reduces your cooldowns when someone uses it so you have more stuns. The downside is I always recommend using stuns defensively, that is, only when you are being hard-targeted.


-The speed pad is a very good ability for the marshmallow launcher segment where your team mates carry bombs. Always support a bomb carrier; your abilities are too valuable to be the carrier yourself. Throw your pads in front of them. The ability may seem poor now as the rubberbanding in this game with mobility abilities is horrible, but it should get better.

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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★ Pro
@Ditronus Coming from the other end of his weapon as a perspective side speaker, I fully agree...

What the non-alpha people don't know is that this character had a lot of threads regarding him being OP too and it's exactly because of two things... his stun and his 'I'm becoming OP due to my redness aura' turret... I've died due to that turret snapping it's aim on me as soon as I'm out of shadow sneak like 10-20m away and just melting me... that thing is OP. IF anything in this game is OP it's a non-chooseable automated object that gets it's own place in the killfeed ...

As soon as there is an engineer and a turret situated at a high or difficult to reach space, he's basically a one man army. That aura on the turret makes them so good that it takes multiple plants to take him down. I've seen my team (not my actual team just random ppl) try and attack one, yes ONE engineer and turret and he killed 4 people...

during the Alpha I had one match where 3/4 people were engineers and all had their turrets set up... needless to say, lots of plants got killed and just left the game cause it was a losing 'battle'.

I wouldn't call him OP cause you can definitely overpower him, but a good engineer will likely win most 1v1's head on if he still has his turret or his stun mics. I had one instance where I flanked one engineer and his turret. Destroyed the turret without him noticing and he was one shot away from dying, guy shot all his stuns on me and shot me three times and I died without being able to do anything... I was Nightcap for anyone wondering.
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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★ Pro

He's strong for sure. I was in an Oak on the map with the bombegranate and until then had no idea they could bounce their projectiles around corners like that. He was spamming them and I had to back off, even with a passenger healing me. 


I won't say he's OP (he might be but it depends on what the median is supposed to be) but he's one of the best zombies right now, no doubt about that, especially among the old zombies.


That stun lasts forever if you eat a lot of the megaphones. I noticed that at Town Center when an AI one put that up in my face when soloing. 

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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★★★★ Novice
@Koochi-Q Yea, the stun might need to be lowered down like .25 seconds or so on one individual, capping the stun duration down.

His projectiles take some finesse to work. If I fight one, I stay mobile in the air. Without his stun, it's very hard to fight a jumping pea or night shroom since you usually want to bounce his projectiles to the base of the opponent. But, like any character now in this game, if you get in a bad spot, you can mount away (I'm still not sure I like this design decision.)

His turret is strong, but it's also very squishy. If they wanted him to be more of a support character, I'd recommend buffing its health, slow down the ammo regen just a tad so he has to at least reload at some point, and reduce the damage it does. But even that might be too much of a nerf if they dont get the hp right; that thing can go down real quickly if two opponents splash damage on it.

Yea, I was not in the alpha so that's interesting to know. The longer I've played the less I feel night cap is an issue, and more of an issue it is that so many characters feel weak and the character-unique upgrades are mediocre and almost not even worth taking. And, most of all, I hope they fix how bad hit detection and projectile speed feel, and the horrible rubberbanding.
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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★ Apprentice

I respect your opinion, but did you not play the previous games? The engineer’s primary weapon and mobility have already been nerfed this go around. The concrete launcher does less damage, and no longer explodes on impact (unless you directly hit an enemy). And you can no longer shoot while quickly jack hammering around the enemy. All this actually makes it harder to 1v1 then it used to be. As for his abilities; the turret was just as powerful before (if not more so) and that damage boost only applies to teammates, and the stun from his megaphones is just as long as before. He has definitely been re-tooled to be even more of a support class now then he was before.

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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★★★★ Novice

I think the stun cap is a great idea! It lasts soooo long. You can’t do anything. Literally nothing while stunned. Its a little too good if used on only one person. And his weapon does jot require a stun that long. He can kill most people with 2-3 shots from the concrete launcher. A solo stun is just overkill. 


Also very hard to play around! Even if you sprint away, the megaphones chase you down really quickly and stun you before you get a chance to run to a safer location. 


All I hear is BRAINZ and then I’ll get stunned until I die. Wish it was more obvious who the megaphones will go after, cuz often in a group of people, the megaphones will chase one person instead of splitting up. So it would be nice to know who is going to get stunned in a group setting like that. 

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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★ Guide

He's already far weaker than the Engineer in the previous games.  I don't see why any further nerf is needed.

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Re: Lets talk Engineer


@CJackson5083 wrote:

He's already far weaker than the Engineer in the previous games.  I don't see why any further nerf is needed.


I think the first round of buffs should be implemented before ANY nerfs are dealt to anyone. 

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Re: Lets talk Engineer

★★★★ Novice
@Ditronus Finally someone saying That, i see people crying about nightcap when engineer is even more broken than nightcap, he has no counter and even his primary which is weird because now primaries suck is broken, and his abilities are even more broken
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Re: Lets talk Engineer

[ Edited ]

@marche567 wrote:
@DitronusFinally someone saying That, i see people crying about nightcap when engineer is even more broken than nightcap, he has no counter and even his primary which is weird because now primaries suck is broken, and his abilities are even more broken

There’s an EASY counter for every character or ability.


With Engineer, take out his turret first and keep a decent distance from him until you know whether he has a stun handy.  Move left or right rather than forward/backwards when shooting at him.



EDIT: autocorrect revenge

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