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Re: Let's complain again - THE HAVOC

by E9ine_AC

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Re: Let's complain again - THE HAVOC

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@DreamStare07 This shows bangalore sucks! I can keep the flatline as steady as an R-301... don’t ask me how... I never use the 301 which is why it feels so weird to me that I miss most shots xD.

But both the havoc & flatline are easy for me to control... up to a certain range that is. Yesterday I for the first time used the havoc as a sniper (end game)... no wonder ppl are doing it... so easy... never again...

Kept hitting a path for 62...
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Re: Let's complain again - THE HAVOC

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Heh they did not fix havoc. Its recoil despite patch notes showing it was increase is the exact same. Crazy easy to lazer people still and drop them with in 12 bullets of clean hits. Damage dont bother me at all as other guns can obtain these damages. My biggest issue is how easy it is to control. I believe the recoil needs stepped up more. 

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