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Re: Legion of Dawn Edition Armor Pre-Order Bonus Question.

by cake404

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Re: Legion of Dawn Edition Armor Pre-Order Bonus Question.

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Because they are symbol of seniority, it's something that divides the long time players from the newbie. If a newbe shows up and is looking for help, and sees someone with these kinds of things, they know this is someone who knows the game and some they could go to. I mean why do people still go onto ebay looking for for the halo reach legendary edition, and why it's still running for well over a $100, 9 years later. Why do rich people spend insane amounts of money for cars that only so many were made of, or why a collector will look for years to find that one single item that was so rare. Because it was special, and not just anyone had it. People only want it specifically because it is a unique item that everyone won't have. It special. If everyone can get it then it's ordinary, and then nobody cares and the value is gone. It is a way that someone can look at it and say, I was, or they were, there back when.

And as for the idea of "good for the game", in 3 years if the game is still going, there will probably be so many customization sets, and multiple new javelins that it ins't going to make or break game either way because people will spending money else where. I mean it can't actually hurt it, I mean take the games I mentioned earlier. They did just fine holding to the idea that was put forth from the start and they are doing just fine. In fact I think they are some of the longest last games, because the company shows honor and respect to the players rather than showing they will do whatever it takes to milk players of every cent they can.

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Re: Legion of Dawn Edition Armor Pre-Order Bonus Question.

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They aren’t really a symbol of seniority because I could pre-order the game and then not play it for a year for various reasons. So when I come back, I’ll just be a newbie in Legion armor. Or someone could have been playing since alpha, and know the game thoroughly, but not have the special armor because they didn’t have $80 to drop on a game that month.


So it really just comes down to it being a way for game companies to artificially make something seem more valuable than it normally would be by its intrinsic qualities alone. And I’m not sure why you think it’s a good thing.


And note that, unlike a limited edition car or whatever, it won’t even have “value” after release since if you have it in game you won’t be able to trade it to someone else. And it likely won’t be that special since I’d guess at least half the people who intend to play the game probably pre-ordered the LoD edition. So it’s just a trophy for having paid an amount of money at a certain date.


It’s intrinsically a way to milk the players for some extra cash they might not have paid you otherwise. It just screws over the players who might join the community later. It’s a choice between getting some extra money from your existing customers right now, versus planning to make more money in the long run by selling the item to more customers at a fair price the item is actually worth. I don’t see why people praise companies for choosing the first option and think it has something to do with “honor” or “respect for the players.”

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