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Legendary missions aren't counting

by MOJayhawker

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Re: Legendary missions aren't counting

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Again, you're confusing the two . The Daily challenge was Legendary Missions, not Legendary Contracts . Legendary Missions is the two purple triangles icon on the expedition screen . Those can be replayed unlimited number of times and yesterday it was the rescue Haluk mission.  You keep referring to the legendary contract 3 per day limit.  The Elysian key yesterday was for the Mission, not Contracts . 

I get it. However, constant repetition is not endearing me to this game. Nor to you.

And I hope you're nicer to your own grandmother. 


I'm sorry that you thought that I was being rude.  Just trying to help as it seemed like you were getting frustrated, but it was a simple mistake between the different in Missions and Contracts . In regards to repetition, the daily challenge was to do the mission twice. To me, that doesn't seem to be asking much but that's my personal opinion.  But if you don't enjoy repetition, then a looter shooter type of game may not be the best fit for you.  Games like Destiny, Warframe, Division, etc. all center around the grind of repeating content for loot drops. Now whether you find the repetition in Anthem to be rewarding for your time, that's a different discussion and one that I think most of us are frustrated with.  

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Re: Legendary missions aren't counting

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Apology accepted but not needed. It's been a bad last couple of weeks for me.
I'm actually new to online gameplay so some things I'm still getting used to. I'm also mostly a PC player but recently fired up the Xbox. Got too hard and expensive to keep up my equipment for the new games out there so I switched to console gaming.
I don't actually mind repetition in games, but there is a limit to how many times anyone can handle exact duplication of tasks. That said, I will give it another chance despite the fact that most of my friends have abandoned it. I really want to get that level 800 javelin.
Thanks for understanding and your help.

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