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Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

by EA_David

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Re: Legendary Hunt Patch Note

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@Im-Thiccc-Boi wrote:

Can't seem to find the patch notes for adding inaccuracy while sliding


The removal of this just lowers the skill gap even more as this properly tested the player's tracking skills, it wasn't even game-breaking


Please, revert

Or it adds difficulty since you can't face lazer someone while firing from the hip, while sliding.


It's just realism, you cannot justify being able to aim highly accurately that way, since you can't aim accurately in realty firing from hip.


Not to even mention while sliding.

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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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What a great update!


This is the best the game has ever felt since I first started playing. The drop is FINALLY super smooth and hit registration finally seems great.


I'm really liking all the changes made. The half second cooldown on zipline use is a little strange, but I guess it'll keep people from being able to jump on and off continuously while getting shot on the zipline. 


I'm liking all the challenges and the all the new stuff a lot.


One thing I don't like is the new music and theme. Can we go back to the old one? I agree with having a new one for the elite mode, but keep the normal playlist theme the same. 



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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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Game felt iffy for me yesterday, based in Canada, when shooting an enemy, it clearly lagged out with no sound when hitting him, happened on multiple occasions, guessing this is due to all the activity on the servers and/or update deployment?

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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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How are these challenges exactly? they're just winning games.. not much thought put into them. I guess they just want to give more skins because the season was so lackluster. It's fine to have some difficulty in the game, not everything needs to be accessible to everyone.


The top 5 mode annoys me if i'm honest, I don't think it's a reasonable way to determine if someone is good at the game or not. What we have now is campers and people playing Caustic all the time and being absolutely useless and even detrimental to their own team. I had a game where someone went caustic and flew off solo into the corner of the map to camp whole game while me and this other guy tried to play the game. Another game where caustic gases our team in middle of a team fight causes us to die, another game where caustic runs off from a team fight shouting on the mic "GO FOR TOP 5!"

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Re: Legendary Hunt Patch Note

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Nerfed the havoc mag but don't buff guns like the Alternator or Flatline. 🙁
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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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@BoaFang7, thx, needed a good laugh xD. Seriously "go for top 5"? XD. Reminds me of a game from two weeks ago where a dude was ecstatic because it was his second win of the day. He also talked in a way that if you didn't see the match like he actually contributed... Fact is dude had 100 dmg and was dead long before me and the other person were against the last two teams XD

Okay my two cents now. Played a few matches and like someone said in another thread regarding this update. I'm almost 100% positive that this is an older build. I say this due to patch notes not stating anything in regards to energy weapons being reduced in bullet count or reduced energy ammo. Pre-1.1.3 or 1.1.1 this was the same. Next to that, ppl seem to be lagging alot more often too. I hardly ever experienced this in 1.1.3 but in this build I've yet to play a game where either my teammate or an enemy isn't lagging across the screen.

Due to these 'changes' the game feels sluggish again imo. Shooting at an enemy only for that person to have transportated couple meters and you not hitting him therefore is annoying. And my energy weapons Frown why! But that one I can live without.

Do I need to talk about jump station dropping? XD it's horrible now

Other than that, I like that they fixed the dropping from dropship. So far I haven't had the 'stall' when dropping. It's more fluid.

Overal... I'd give the non-content a meh on a scale of bad to good.

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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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Its so funny people are regarding BHop a skill. Basically you watch a youtube video about how to do it, go to training area and in 30min you can do it easily (if you have eye-hand coordination). I dont understand why people are crying about ooo casuals are getting buffed, they nerfed people who can bunny hop! Thats a big LOL.


 On the other hand i understand that aggressive players dont like the change since they could runaway from shtty situations while BHop.


 Overall for me disabling bhop while i am running to ring made it boring, nothing to do other then slowly healing. It was a bit more work before :D Another disadvantage is i mainly que with randoms, now i need their help more because of Bhop. I knew this was coming so i said fk i ll not learn Bhop, time passes and i was convinced that they will not disable Bhop, so i mastered it and a few weeks later its disabled :D Thats a big LOL for me D:

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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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★★★★ Apprentice

I like everything about this patch.

The music change was unexpected, I hope there's an option in the future to select which theme to play? Both of them are quite good to listen to.

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Re: Legendary Hunt and Patch 1.2 discussion thread

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So bunny hopping was essentially removed from the game but the wraith portal glitch and wraith Q glitches are still in the game.

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Re: Legendary Hunt Patch Note

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The patch is amazing, but can you please help the very few of us who have received the bug where the keybinds for the meds do not work at ALL! I've done just about everything imaginable to try to negate this problem but nothing has seemed to solve it.

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