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Legendary Event Question

by Vancali

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Legendary Event Question

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Are the cunjunctions with the radio tower icon in free play mode the only way to complete a legendary event for the daily?  That is what this post suggests:

I ask because it is difficult to get anyone to congregate around them, and without a chat function in this multi-player game (very baffling), it is hard to get anyone to join a group to do specifically that.  Any tips on how to get these done besides just flipping the difficulty to easy and soloing them?


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Re: Legendary Event Question

@Vancali Pre-made group of at least 2. You don't say what level you are. It does become easier to dish out more damage at max level.

In general, whilst leveling I’d say many folks just don’t know about the conjunctions yet.

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Re: Legendary Event Question

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Try finding players on Discord that will join you. If you've joined a guild via the app (clunky as it is), maybe someone can help from there as well.

The unofficial Anthem Discord is a great place to start looking:


Other than that, like you yourself said, you always have the option to knock the difficulty down a peg or two and solo it. If you're able to put together a build that has plenty of self-sustain via Armor/Shield regeneration, it should be doable.

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