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Legend tokens ?

by Sssithius

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Re: Legend tokens ?

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@iBlockHead wrote:

I mean if we could even use the free coins we get to just unlock the basic skins for guns and all, that alone would make them very useful and bring back some players so that they can go and get that full pink/blue/green outfit that matches their guns. 

This is one of the simplest, coolest ideas I've seen for tokens so far. Who cares about the white/blue skins if they're all the same anyway! We should be able to use tokens for these!

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Re: Legend tokens ?

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@Sssithius wrote:

I made this post only for the purpose of ideas mabe any news or updates on the whole current situation on the currency exchange on legend tokens. Alot of you had really awsome idea's👍we can only hope some come too be hopefully soon if not bye season 3. (As for the few people who posted non related messages) we understand you need a hug its ok we love you too ( This  is not a rant post ! Thats what facebook group's are for) have a super day ! 😎cheers 🍻

This as a great post and we know it's something the community has raised up in the forums since the launch of the game. I know this is not the answer you want to hear (and also very super vague), but there isn't any news we can share around this at the moment. We'll raise discussions like this up to the team and let them know of the feedback we're seeing. If we hear anything specific on this though, we'll ping it right here. Thumbs up


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Re: Legend tokens ?

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@EA_Blueberry  Glad you're BACK!

Since only one thing can STOP them (EA),

a new HERO,

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HUNGRY for.....



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