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Legend Spotlight - Wraith

by EA_David

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★ Guide

They need to just rework all heros to be the same size, admit that the messed up and start the balance from there.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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I feel like she's a little weak. She seems to go down faster than other Legends. Her LB ability doesn't last long enough so I hardly use it. The Special Ability is nice for opening a portal on one side of the orange while people are looting death boxes and you can open another portal on the good side of the circle. 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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All I know it is fun to play hide and seek with Dimensional Rift , enemies don't know when you will transfer yourself from portal to portal , also it will give party a tactical choice to retreat those wound .

I don't think Wraith is over power and there is no need to show portals on globe map . Maybe you should change is nerf the detect range of her passive ability .


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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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@FaZaaa_82 wrote:

wrong all heros need to be the same size due to balance it CAN NEVER BE BALANCED WITHOUT ALL HEROS HAVING THE SAME HIT BOX'S!

No, all legends should have hit boxes proportial to thier size. Small and fast should be harder to hit than large and slow.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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@FaZaaa_82 wrote:

They need to just rework all heros to be the same size, admit that the messed up and start the balance from there.

Why, to make "your life easier?" This will just make the game "more gamey" As I said, a 110lb female runing scross a field is gong to mbe harder to hit than a 280lb mail running across the same field. It should be the same in this game. When you see a wraith, don't try the head shot aim for center mass and try to keep a tight grouping.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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I feel they need to leave wraith they way she is just make her move a little faster during phase that’s it..... really that’s it just move a little faster EA got wraith right she’s not OP. I think the last update making gib and caustic a little stronger was perfect and all characters are perfect now besides making wraith faster during phase that’s it 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

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They didn’t mess up lol it’s fine the way they have it now 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★ Guide

When someone else choose your favourite legend such as Wraith in class selection, can you able to play with the same momentum on different class? I bet you cant, because wraith is the only character has so much evasive abilities that make you survive.


Now Pathfinder its currently another famous legend that has broken hitbox, and i even notice that people start using the pathfinder for every match, even cheaters. Cant wait for the next patch after they fix the hitbox, and this forum again will flooded with a feedback that Pathfinder become useless.


I hope respawn learn their lesson in some particular things, that advantage can cause so much problem when you tends to reverse it.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★ Guide

Wraith has a few resons she is the most played legend.


- streamers play her.

- the only legend with a knife.( this is why streamers play her mostly )

- Shes the only legend with a huge rack and tight outfit.

- the smallest hitbox.


Because good Players played her from the start and stats tracker is the only endgame thing in this game.

if you want to increase this to jawdropping hights and not start all over again people can’t swap legends verry easily in this game. So she Will keep getting picket.


her small hitbox is the only good thing About her.

when im talking about competative gaming.

all her abilitys are worthless against good opponents. Her passive is by far the best warning.


luckly this game has no mmr and during noobcrushing her Q gets a lot stronger.

because you somehow get away from them using Q.


her uit is handy at best.

making a portal for slow teammates is the only thing its good for.


things i would like to see changed:


i want to see people while in Q


i want to be able to cancel Q while using it.


i want to be able to close a portal.


maybe summon the end of the portal in the distance. So it Gets usefull in combat like zipline.



i want to have my weapon out the moment Q finishes. Since people can see me and shoot at me the moment i pop up. Small hitbox meens nothing if i cant shoot back.. i even have to track them the moment i come out cuz i dont see people. 


i want to see Q charge up faster.

not instant that would be to strong just a bit faster seems resonable..



comparing wraith with other legends now:




 her Q compared to pathfinders Q.

they are both tools to get away in a fight.

pathfinders Q is better in all ways you can think of. When both in the hands of good players. Patherfinders grapple options are endless.

while wraith can only use it for a sad attempt to run away.

exacly the same with her ult.

Its just a bad version of pathfinders zipline.

wraith has to move towards the other side of the portal completely disarmed. Just so the portal disappears again after a while.

pathfinder just pops a zipline and it stays there as long as you may need it to make a tactical retreat.





both small hitbox,

according to Some pro players and my experience as well.

lifeline is even harder to hit then wraith while straving.

next to that her fast heal passive is better then all wraiths abilities combined in my opinion.

not even mentioning her healbot and purple armor summoning ult.



Bangalore, caustic, Gibraltar, octane.


all the abilities of those legends are so much more versatile then what wraith offers.


octane is small as well. But when hè presses Q you cant get away from him or you cant keep up with him.


so in the end she is just the legend with the smallest hitbox. Rather boring.

i would like to see her skills actualy get usefull more versatile and fun to use.

even if that meens increasing her hit box.

the portal and the Q have potential to be amazing Unique abilities. But they are kinda nono right now.






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