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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

by opiexity

Original Post

Legend Spotlight - Wraith

Community Manager

Hi all, each week we've been having discussions about specific Legends and how they fit into the game right now. 


Next up is Wraith!




If you want a recap on her backstory or her abilities, you can check it out here!


She's generally considered to be a strong choice, do you feel the same? Do you find her passive alert to be helpful? Have you pulled off any dirty tricks with her Ultimate? What do you think of her funny run, and is it as good as Octane's?

Let us know what you think below!

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★★★ Apprentice

I feel like wraith is in a good place when it comes to her abilities and character design.


If I had control over the game design though, I'd make her hitbox a bit bigger. She is very small and slim which could be considered a passive ability when compared to other legends. Everytime I have to face a wraith off, I find myself missing consistently more bullets. It is especially true when using shotguns because she covers less of the pattern which allows the legend to dodge between 8 and 30 damages per well centered shot.


Other than that, well done respawn !

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★ Guide

They're nerfing Wraith and Lifeline and buffing Bloodhound for all the cheaters online who want to continue playing. Enjoy.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★ Guide
She was nerfed wrong, her tactical was not over powered. It removes her from the game for 3 seconds, enemies can see Wraith, but she can't see them.

Her hitbox is what makes her OP. Gibralter and Caustic damage reduction is irrelevant, because Wraith takes zero damage when she is not getting hit and she is incredibly hard to hit compared to Gib chungus and Fart Boi.

I say revert her tactical to 15 seconds but increase her character model along with her hit box.
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★★★★ Apprentice

I love Wraith! She’s my main so I may also be a little bias. She’s a great Legend for survivability but you can also play aggressively with her as well and her kit is brilliant at supporting both styles of play.


I’m a huge fan of all of her abilities and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been saved by her passive warning of snipers having a shot on me or traps set up in a building.


My favourite is her portals. It’s great to set one up around a fight with an enemy squad. You can use it when pushing in on an enemy team, if a squad mate gets downed it’s a good escape for them to be revived and it’s also useful if the fight gets to intense and we need to quickly disengage. The enemy squad really thinks twice about following you through the portal.


She’s just a fun legend to play and lately I’ve enjoyed the salt. My after game messages are a salt mine of people crying about her hitbox. Seems fine to me.



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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★★ Guide

I just wish she stood up straight I have no problems smacking all other legends including pathfinder in the face but for some reason I turn into a noob every time I see a wraith and shoot right over her head for as many bullets as she lets me shoot before I get downed lol please just make her have good posture 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★★ Apprentice

I say leave her be. Her main advantages are her small size and running animation I assume? Her kit on the other hand is just useful but tricky to gain value out of and her ult is nowhere near as game changing as Bangalore, Gibraltor, Caustic or even Pathfinder (debatable). Makes more sense to buff Bloodhound and Mirage while tweaking Gibrator to be more in line with her.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★ Guide

wrong all heros need to be the same size due to balance it CAN NEVER BE BALANCED WITHOUT ALL HEROS HAVING THE SAME HIT BOX'S!

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

★★★★★ Novice

I think an argument exists where the legends hit box size is used to balance the legends. 


Its just another balancing tool. Take it away and it’s gone. Take away (whatever) one less balancing tool. 


I dont care care if they are all the same size or not. 


I started out playing wraith, I got the heirloom box kinda early. I’ve been alternating legends lately though since I can’t find a favorite. 3 or 4 legends exist that I feel are so close it just doesn’t matter to me. 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Wraith

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Apprentice

Hitbox is too small, running profile is ridiculously smaller, every ability of hers is always-useful and therefore strong.

She has all the best possible traits for a FPS battle royale.

I would:
- add a hitpoint/damage-taken penalty to compensate for the smaller hitbox size, in the reverse of what's been done with Gibraltar/Caustic.
- improve the animations so that she's not so janky to hit when moving around, making them smoother and more natural to follow when aiming at her. (Compare, for instance, her movement animations versus Gibraltar's.)

Regarding abilities, her kit is a good example of making sure *all* of it is useful without being *too* impactful. Other legends' ability kits should be brought to this level.

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