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Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

by EA_David

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★★★ Apprentice
His Q is the only good thing about him. The passive is pointless (why does it have to be something that only helps when he's already down and pretty much out? everyone else seems to get 'active' passives), and the ultimate is far too restrictive with movement and not being able to shoot, while also just outlining you rather than just making you invisible. Doesn't help that the clones in the ultimate just stand there doing nothing.
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Pork Chops Tonight!


I like Mirage.

His ability is good, his ult is... but still fun.

What I like the most is his speech, especially he is alone. Wink

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★★★ Novice

His ult need to be change. I think adding some ai 

to them will help ex: shooting at the enemy moving with some sense. You can also make it make holograms of his teammates to make it more believable ex: your behind cover and your the only one there you ult to make a dummy team of 3 with ai ( unlike a stupid circle that stand there ) and then you go  invisible, make your escape or other game making plays. My idea is base off of his mom gave him customs holo pilots why they still act almost the same . 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★ Apprentice

He's a really fun character and I have seen some great uses of him recently. One player used his ultimate to flank us going invisible behind cover (we didn t know he had used it) then running down the side of the building we were in. I spotted him for a second but couldn't see where he went.


Another guy 1v1 me at the end used it to escape me when he should have been dead and I lost him in the building. He ended up winning by getting position on me. .


So all in all great character.


I've also escaped a few times myself with him, even with his passive which is useful in the middle of a firefight when enemies are distracted. (But no use 1 in 1 as it shouldn't be).

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Apprentice

Go back and put some real effort into his doubles' AI. Like so they can climb things they hit and not stop on the smallest lip. Make his ult's doubles fan out and run away from their spawn point. Allow some trickiness like cloning while looking down sights leaves a clone looking like he is trying to line up a shot.


Make his death clone just die like normal and GIVE HIM REAL INVISIBILITY.


Right now he fools no one, and that is really stupid for someone with a kit like his

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★ Guide

His Ult needs to work like it does when standing on a ledge.

Ie the mirages spread out im every direction. 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★★★ Novice

1) I think that his invisibility needs to be increased since that way it'll be easier to miss him in a high-intensity setting.


2) I feel like his ultimate should include an assassination possibility where he has a knife (or dagger or something) to stab a player 'from out of the blue', that way you can build off what he has now as an ability, and turn it useful.


3) I think Mirage's mirage should also have a slightly better AI. Maybe the player's movement can help guide how their mirage moves. We already have target locations and crouching, but at the same time, I think we can see that it's not always hard to tell that a mirage isn't real (although maybe within certain - but few- situations). In small spaces, we can't always send a mirage a-running, so maybe we could add AI substance by sending a mirage where he can follow paths around buildings (without interacting with anything of course). Thse paths could be preemptively based on the paths used by players' path history and could be coded into the AI.


4) Just throwing this out there, maybe Mirage can make bluff sounds where he 'opens a door' but actually runs around a building to flank. This one would probably need to be discussed but a trickster can also trick with sound and not only with sight (maybe that could be the case if his mirage passes within a few feet of a door.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★★★ Novice

Only use his ULT to detect enemies and to reach a drop faster. lol

His passive is useless and his Q is almost perfect. 

He is my main and i barely use his abilities. .-. lol

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★★★★ Apprentice

Mirage has literally the worst passive in the game its completely useless he could have no passive and it wouldnt make a difference to his character


Therefore his passive needs a rework into something thats actually useful during combat 


His ult is very weak as well. Its too easy to see him and he cant cancel out of it to shoot if he needs to


His decoys shouldnt stand there they should all run out in a straight line


His L1 is good but doesnt fool better players so might need an upgrade as well

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Mirage!

★★ Guide

I did not unlock him or caustic. at this point unless they get some love or if the lore allows for the Legends to change up their tactics 😎. there's just no reason for me to use him.



BTW Octavio is fun. I wish he was actually faster. not just slightly faster and a FOV fake out to make it feel like he's much faster than he really is. 

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