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Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

by EA_David

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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I feel Gibraltar is one of the best long distance fighters in the game due to his shields, At close range he's just a huge target with abilities that are too slow to be effective in combat. Given most players push close range fights around buildings it can be difficult to gain any value out of his kit no matter how tanky you make him. All I'd ask for is allowing his tactical to be deployed faster and slightly further giving him one tool to use in a skirmish.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★ Guide

The only way to balance the game is to make all heros have thew same hit boxes.

The person that decided to to do this needs sacking.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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@NyGmen4Lif3> Well, he's a big guy. Thats why is his animation so slow, his 1 step is Lifeline's 2, so he only seems to be slower. All legends in game have the same movement speed, except for skills enhancement.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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@FaZaaa_82> I'm glad they made different sized legends. Because its - different, unique... But with bigger size comes bigger hit box and that means those big guys needs something extra in return, like in Paragon - Steel was a really big and easy to hit guy, but had strong shield and CC abilities, so it wasn't easy to get him down.

That's why big legends recieved 10% damage reduction buff. We will see, if it is enough - but it's much better now, than before.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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I feel like his abilities are fine at the moment, except for his gun shield. It makes him a very obvious target, more than he already is. I think the best thing for him is a hitbox size reduction. If possible, it would be nice to just change the way he looks from just a very large man wearing a suit that makes him incredibly fat, to a built, muscular character perhaps. That way he can stay large, while having a more tolerable hitbox.

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