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Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

by EA_David

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★★★ Novice

I agree on the indoor utility needing to be worked on. However, I feel that gibby is actually in a good place and that the buff was perfect and quite creative. I’ve had up to a nine kill game with him so far and I barely play him. I think the real issue is that people try to run and gun with him when that’s not the type of legend he is. He is great at sniping thanks to his gun shield, he can protect his team mates with his dome and use it to get revived off, and his ultimate if used correctly can apply some serious pressure to the opposition.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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The changes help, but still needs a little love.....


Passive.....the damage reduction and points buff seem spot on for a "tank", with purple armor and fun shield gives an equivalent 295 hp (if the damage reduction includes armor as well as health, 285 without)......fairly tanky, even accounting for his size.


Deployable......needs help here, it's a big "charge me" sign......maybe a change to be an enlarged version of lifelines revive shield, make it a mobile "fortress"?   Tall enough to crouch for cover, low enough to shoot over, cover 90-120 degrees frontally.....


Ultimate.....only real change (and would include Bangalore here too).....remove the damn splash indicators.  Have the warning come out with less of a delay (a nice stressed out "INCOMING!!!!!"), let Gibby make you pay for getting too close....



....on another, pretty unrelated note........howabout cookable grenades?   Large smile

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★★★★ Novice

the character himself I think is in a good place. I think his ult is fine too. His dome shield could use some help. Its a situational ability that's double edged as it can be detrimental rather than helpful at times. If you just killed another squad and need to res a teammate and you suspect a 3rd squad is coming do you drop the shield or no? If they don't know where you are it just serves as a beacon to your location. So its a double edged ability for Gibraltar sometimes but its rarely a high risk for other teams to charge a dome. It barely buys you enough time to res someone before the other team can come in and attack before your teammate has a chance to heal. Not because it doesn't last long enough but because they can get to you long before you can reset. I think the 20 sec cooldown is a waste of value as I certainly don't use it anywhere near that often. It should have a higher risk/reward for opposing teams.


My recommendation is to increase the cooldown to something like 45sec, but make it so anyone revived inside gets 50% or full shields restored or maybe shield cell's restore 50 shield instead of 25. Something to make the shield more valuable. Other teams will have to think twice about rushing it as your not guaranteed to have no shields on to of being low health inside and therefore easy kills.


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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★★ Newbie
had an idea to make Gibraltar's Dome of Protection more useful in game- When enemies are inside the dome, it does damage similar to the damage done by the storm.
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★ Guide

i like to play as gibraltar;

- his shield while aiming needs to take a few wingman hits before dying.

- his dome shield needs to block out enemies from getting in, i dont care if they get out that fine but they cant get back in if they run out.


every time i put up the dome the other team uses the dome to block my shots. this aught naught be.


please fix gibraltars dome so its more useful! make the dome so it gives the other team hell.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★ Novice
Cookable grenades would be so sick and make the game that much more fun to play grenades are so underrated in this game. They should come out with some new ones
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★★ Guide

I think the buffs were a step in the right direction, but to make him a little more helpful and versatile in a team setting, I'd like to see his tactical ability changed to a big shield that he sticks in the ground, like the barricades in Blackout! Don't make it do damage, that would be a little OP, but it would block paths during interior fights and give him some kind of shield when reviving. If the dome doesn't do much right now, then a barricade-type ability would be a step up, especially if someone can't go through it - they'd have to go around it! 


His ultimate is good (probably the best AoE right now). 


I think his passive could be a bit better. I don't know if reducing damage even more would be OP, but something still needs a slight change. He's almost main-able! lol

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

The recent patch with damage reduction for Caustic and Gibraltar did a great job buffing Caustic, but I feel that Gibraltar is still left out. For Gibby, the 10% damage reduction is not really that noticeable. Let's discuss his kit



I do like that Respawn wants diverse characters in the field: I don't mind having bigger characters running around. However, in the fast pace heat of a battle, his hitbox is a major disadvantage. He is just so easy to hit compared to other legends. Many players would like to see his size adjusted but IMO if they could make him feasible without doing that, it would be much better. 


Many players are also fooled by his slower walking/running animations into thinking that he is actually slower (while he is not). It just feels a bit too slow for me. I would prefer the animations to speed up a bit (between the level of other legends and the current Gibby value). The lower speed in the running animations makes me feel as an easily moving target and I do believe that if the animations can be sped up players will feel more freely. (this is kind of hard to explain....)


GUN SHIELD - passive

His gun shield was buffed in health. As others in this thread have pointed out, the shield is very easy to spot. (his tactical and ultimate are too. Gibby gives his and his team position away very easily). Maybe make it a bit more transparent.


His passive also includes the damage reduction (which is kind of bugged now? You can take damage in HEALTH while your shields are still up). 10% reduction is a bit too low and IMO doesn't balance out his larger size. Maybe increase it and just make him a viable tank. Enemies should position around you while you have the shield up because they know Gibby can take more damage from the front (with his shield up) then they can.



This ability was designed to protect the team against enemy bombardments or Bangalores ult. It is much more effective to protect the team from sniper fire than it is to protect from closer range fights. Enemies will storm the shield once they know they did some major damage. With the recent patch we know that the devs want the snipers to be more viable, and this shield is the perfect protection from the better snipers. Maybe if the meta shifts towards snipers that this shield will become more viable, but as it is now I almost never find use for it.


Besides the usage, I would also point out the shape of the dome. The shield is like an egg shape, giving a lot of (kind of pointless) space above the players. This only draws more attention to the shield. Also, the shield doesn't extend below the initial launch point, making it possible to shoot inside it/grenade it from below. Instead, I would like to see the shield extent to below the point and creating a 'bubble' instead of only the top part. For reference, the SQUAD SHIELD of Star Wars Battlefront II does this as well, making it more reliable to use. 



This ability can deal a massive amount of damage and just wipe out a complete team when used correctly. The cooldown is one of the longest in the game and thus is also viable to speed up with the ultimate accelerants. The wind-up time once activates for it feels maybe a bit too-long, but I am not sure if they should be changed. It is a great ult and fits the character well.



If you encounter Gibby in close quarters, his front shield and damage reductions should make up for the larger hitbox and making him a tank. His abilities give away his and his teams position and should make up for it. The ult is great, his tactical is very situational, his passive should be adjusted to make him viable.





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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★ Apprentice

Gibraltar feels fine now for me, after last update. 10% less damage and stronger Gun Shiled is exactly, what was needed.

I know lots of players doesn't like him, complains his Gun Shield and Dome of Protection make him / his team visible. But even that can be can be used as upside, since he can use it as bait. I've seen several teams droping the Dome just like that, behind the medium sized boulder so everyone can see the tip or edge of the shield, luring enemies to come - to look whats inside the shield...

I don't think his abilities are bad or weak. He just have to use them properly, they are not that straight as some other ones.


- if you lay down Dome for mate revive, count with fact it can be seen -> try to throw shield far away from downed mate, to confuse enemy

- if you want to lure enemies in to Dome, bring shotgun or 99 and do "shield dance"

- if you want to sniper from long distance, lower your Gun Shield before you start searching for targets, rise it after they know about you

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★ Guide

Imo he is still sluggish his movement speed could be upped a little, Still slower then caustic. Even with his gun put away while running can't  keep up with the group and trails behind.

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