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Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

by EA_David

Original Post

Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

Community Manager

You've all been playing the different Legends for a while now, and we thought it would be fun to have some discussions about specific Legends and how you feel they fit into the game right now. 

Next up is Gibraltar!




If you want to check out his bio and abilities, you can see them here! You can also check out some recent buffs that he received here.


So, do you feel the buffs were enough, or too far? How do you feel about his kit in general? Are you more likely to pick him after these changes, and do you feel fighting him has changed in the last few days. 

Let us know what you think, Bruddas!

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★★ Apprentice

The buffs were nice, but they're still nothing. It's impossible to miss a gibby. In my opinion theres no need for damage reduction- just make him and caustic slimmer. Problem solved.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!


Gibraltar's abilities must, in my opinion, be reworked. The dome of protection is just not useful enough in 1 vs 1. His abilities also lack utility when inside buildings where Gibraltar struggles most. Plus his Defensive Barrage takes far too long to deploy. It's not good enough just to add 10% damage absorption and it frankly is not going to inspire players to select him. I would suggest changing Defensive Barrage so that it can be used inside buildings, which would mean reworking it. The Dome of protection should also have some team utility inside buildings by adding a replenishment to health and shields or perhaps reviving speed. Nerd

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★ Apprentice
The recent Thicc boi buff was decent especially for Caustic. Gibby needs a little more tweaking to be right next to the other Legends for balance the biggest things he needs

1. Less obvious ADS gunshield, man that thing sticks out like a sore thumb

2. Fortified should be 20~25% dmg reduction, 10% is not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't even reduce one bullet needed to down him.
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★ Apprentice

I'm always forget he has a gun shield and fire weapons without keep aiming . When there is a Gibraltar enemy I will choose him as primary target .

Maybe this time he will master long range fire fight with Longbow .

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★★ Apprentice

Interesting idea- I like the healing. To be honest I think he could be a very good legend if he lost some weight and came back as thin as bangalore, now that would be interesting! High mobility along with a gunsheild would make him definitely make him a legitimately played character.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!


@JolT_Fonz_TTV42  I know what you mean about him being THICC but I would like him to stay THICC because it's part of his charm, now. If his Dome of Protection allowed Gib to mitigate some damage, and also replenish his shields and health, then there would be no need for this clunky 10% thing. It could even be useful for synergy with Caustic, too. They would become a THICC duo. The other thing with mobility is that there are already highly mobile Legends, so I think that those ones should get nerfed, or the THICC ones should get some other features to balance them out. Sorry for gratuitous use of THICC. Embarrassed

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

★★★ Apprentice
@warslag hey I mean to each their own😂 I just hate being Gibby and trying to go into combat only to find that the dudes dms I was sliding over to has an r-99 waiting behind a corner for my thicc butt to come walking through there
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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★★★ Guide

Remember Gibby was being rescued by his dad, that's why he likes to rescue in Apex.


But today, Gibby dome is useless since if enemy sees his dome is up, they know Gibby is reviving/healing/recharging, they simply charge in for an easy kill. It doesn't give any protection.


Today, teammate looks at Gibby as a fat boy who is useless, the enemy main target, easy to die, has to keep revive & respawn him, always left behind, has to protect him, basically drag the whole team.


If we modified Gibby dome shield so enemy can't go in/out, teammates would like to stay close with Gibby for protection.


Here are some of the scenarios, With modified dom, when Gibby sees:

1. Teammate under fire, they could go inside Gibby dome for protection, the enemy can't go into dome and has to wait the time to expire. Teammate can use this time to recharge/heal. If the dome is inside a corridor/room, simply run another direction, the enemy can't follow, acting like a wall (defensive way to use dome)


2. If the enemy is inside dome when deploying, they get trapped inside while friends can bail out. We can use this time to run away or simply surround him from many directions so when time expired, it's shooting party. For enemy who likes to fight close distance, outmaneuver Gibby and hit his big butt, Gibby can throw grenade then dom, enemy trap inside for an easy kill. Are you dare to troll me now? (offensive way to use dome).


3. Teammate down, he throws dome to his teammate who is bleeding, revives them, gives a short time to recharge/heal itself since enemy can't go in (Gibby finally able to do his main mission, rescue teammate).


If Gibby can give protection, teammates would like to stay close with him and willing to protect him as well since they know Gibby will protect & rescue in return.


If you like to be protected by Gibby, give some XP, please.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Gibraltar!

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★★★★★ Apprentice

as what @warslag said, the dome protection pretty useless inside building. Why dont rework his ability similar to that? Instead of creating a dome, why dont make it as barrier to their body for 3-5sec? Means the teammates wont receive any damage for tempoary but they must within in-radius togather with Gibraltar to receive the effect. It can be more useful and insane for Gibraltar that able to save his teammates from ambush rather than throwing the device that can be useful for enemies also.

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