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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

by EA_Atic

Original Post

Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

Community Manager

You've all been playing the different Legends for a while now, and we thought it would be fun to have some discussions about specific Legends and how you feel they fit into the game right now. 

Next up is Bloodhound!




If you want to check out Bloodhound's background ("unknown" shows up quite a bit) and abilities you can see them here.

So, how do you feel about the Technological Tracker right now? Are they sitting in a balanced position? Do you like their Ult or do you have issues with the effects? How do you feel about the risk vs reward of the tactical?

Let us know how you feel below. 

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

Community Manager
Bloodhound is fun, I like the background that has been given and the ability are interesting. 
Give a  good advantage if are looking for people,  not a major fan of the quick scan ability as it gives away where you are. The ultimate is great for chasing and retreating with added speed  with the highlight of enemies.
 I normally play super aggro with this legend my self. 


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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice

I don't have much playtime on bloodhound but i always found his scan ability to be really wonky, the range is so short and sometimes it doesn't seem to pick up enemies even though they should be in range. Tbh just listening for footsteps seems more reliable, have more range and is not on a cooldown so the scan just seems kind of redundant to me.


I like his passive though, sadly it doesn't seem like many bloodhound players ping any of the tracks they come across. I honestly find that to be his strongest ability. 


His ultimate has a lot of *. The activation time and the heavy breathing means you hear him practically across the map and know hes coming, mostly see Bloodhounds use it to run away lol.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Apprentice

I think his ult is great, if you use it as soon as enemies are going to know your position then the breathing doesn't matter or you can use it to intimidate your foes. I guess he could be a little quieter but if he was too quiet, he'd reach an overpowered spot. His tactical looks great but gives away his position. Perhaps make that resounding orange circle from the tactical a little more transparent / quieter from the outside. So bloodhunters can scan without worry!

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

★★★★★ Novice

He is great, i was running with my team to get in the zone and saw some footsteps leading into some buildings and did a quick scan to see a full squad waiting in there for us just to take us from behind. I love his tracking abilities, makes him one of a kind.

Both his tactical and ultimate are risky since they expose you to the enemy as well but very good situational skills to have.

Very well balanced hero.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

★★★★★ Apprentice

bad abilities effects and sounds


sometimes i don't know if he is tracking enemies or being tracked.



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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

He needs the FPS drop issue fixed when he pops ult. In many locations and often times when his ult is used, you can lose as much as 70 fps. It's the same thing as dropping. Usually sit around 150, during his ult and when dropping, you drop to 70-90

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

★★★ Apprentice
My favourite legend, mainly because he is such a cool character. His ult is very good and is great for aggressive play.

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

Bloodhound's play style is not fit for me . I will become a brain dead player and easily run into opponents' trap when play as Bloodhound , because the track ability would make me thinking less and move careless . The ability is annoy to me to tracking real target , I found myself may shoot at those shade of shadows or have problem to judge target position in chaotic situation .

So I think he will give me bad luck .

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Re: Legend Spotlight - Bloodhound

★★★ Guide

I, personally, can't get used to BH. His tactical throws me off because it shows where a character was, so now I'm shooting at a red shell of a body during a chaotic fight when he's already moved super far away. His ultimate is only good for long range, imo. But I know some people that are great with him! I just can't master him. I'll play him for the XP though!

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