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Re: Legandary crafting

by W2RD-1982

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Legandary crafting

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We need legandry crafting in this game. Any thoughts on how it would work ? 


I have chosen to step step away until they add things like this. I have played the game to death but I am hoping to see some nice things in the future. 

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Re: Legandary crafting

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i think that would defeat the purpose of farming them. rather then allowing people to craft legionaries i would prefer a set option ability. either for the legionaries or masterworks.  something that would be like increase melee by 100% when 5/5 is equipped or 300% shields when 8/8 equipped and then smaller tiers like 3/5 +1 charge to gears when equipped. something like that would be amazing this would allow people to make more complex builds and more diversity to the craft looting system.

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Re: Legandary crafting

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That would be cool but as it sits now when you get that legendary gear you might not even want to where it do to the stays on it. I think that’s what they have been focusing on like with the master works.Trying to reforge them over and over again to get the right stats for your  Javlins 


most games that want you to grind have both to keep you actively playing the game. Like maybe you are playing a map to find gear but also to get materials to forge. A nice balance in a game like this would keep players longer. 


Its still new tho. I have taken some time off from it till they add somthing to have a goal to attain. 

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Re: Legandary crafting

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Legendary gear needs to be good before we start worrying about other ways to obtain it I feel.

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Re: Legandary crafting

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Re: Legandary crafting

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I agree. The cataclysm would be a great place to earn the legendary blueprint. Then you could farm them and craft them till you get an OP stats roll. 



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Re: Legandary crafting

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I disagree with crafting legendaries.  However I do think we need a way to tune them.  For example we should get a legendary token or orb when we break down a legendary.  Once you have 5 of these you can re roll a chosen legendary piece for a random set of all new stats.

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Re: Legandary crafting

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I think you should definitely be able to craft them. Just make the cost high so it takes a bit of work to do it and the random nature of things will still make 99% of them useless anyway. They could make it so you could break down useless legos to get components that could be used toward crafting new ones. Need more options to obtain legendary items as a whole even with the improved drop rate it still requires insane amounts of play time to get specific pieces I need. Its so tedious. 

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Re: Legandary crafting

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I'd like to be able to tune them - use all the materials I've collected to make a God Roll.  But don't make it easy.  Want 100% damage inscription?  25000 coin plus xxx of materials.  200%?  Double it.

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