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Leaving Penalty/Cool Downs

by TTV-HyperSachi

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Leaving Penalty/Cool Downs

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Recently they've implemented an update increasing the damage per tick to stop people from camping outside the circle, Because it genuinely ruins the game-play. Which brings me to ask why haven't we done something to prevent people from leaving games? As far as i'm concerned people winning Via circle tick is the least of my worries when 7 out of 10 games i have players leave after getting insta-downed, which in total has more of an effect on the game-play compared to people playing outside the ring to win.... 

I would like to maybe see them implement a system where if a player leaves at a repetitive rate after being downed you can be subjected to a 5 minutes cool-down which further progresses the more you do it, just to prevent theses common occurrences, considering it just ruins the game/community outlook.

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Re: Leaving Penalty/Cool Downs

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@TTV-HyperSachi You do know they have a leavers penalty implemented. Alltough it's kind of "meh" if you ask me. It's something like 5 minute ban after leaving 3 games. That's nothing. After leaving 3 games you basically get a drink, something to eat, go to the toilett and BAM! 5 minutes has gone by and you are ready to leave your next game as well. :P
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Re: Leaving Penalty/Cool Downs

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It's not up and going afaik...haven't been penalized yet after numerous days of testing



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