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Lazy people bugging the Monitor.

by TheRealNichivo

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Re: Lazy people bugging the Monitor.

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I had 3 guys leave Monitor on a GM1 and finished it myself but this happened just once. Everyone always stays for me (I'm very attractive!)

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Re: Lazy people bugging the Monitor.

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I've actually done a couple (I think exactly 2) Monitor kills on GM2.  But it's true that I've also done many other runs where everyone left.  I really can't blame the players for this, though; the fight is just boring and unrewarding, and that's all on BioWare.

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Re: Lazy people bugging the Monitor.

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@TheRealNichivo wrote:

What is with all the lazy people that can not fly from the acid room, to the last fight? I have had almost half my HoR runs bugged by people reloading the map from the acid room, which sometimes breaks the boss fight. Bioware why are you still letting people destroy the game for others?

I do this all the time on my colossus but because I combo/kill the acid balls to get my ultimate up and ready, not because I'm lazy. It takes so long to get your ultimate in the last phase of the fight so this is why a lot of tanks do it in the acid room. As for bugging out the monitor I've never seen this issue on xbox.

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Re: Lazy people bugging the Monitor.

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I agree PS4 no issues like that

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