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Laziest Devs Ever

by Silladx

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Laziest Devs Ever

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Can't even take the time to fix broken pathfinder or wraith infinite portal. Won't ever spend another dime on anything they make. 

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Re: Laziest Devs Ever

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They are hiring; you should try to send the application so, you'll be able to solve the problems yourself 😁

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Re: Laziest Devs Ever

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Wow. How smart @AWOL_312

Honestly, who knows how many ppl are still working on Apex. I cant tell.

I dont even think they are lazy.

In my opinion goals have changed. Or have been different if what we thought all the time. This game was a marketing test. Artificial hype, how much money can this generate and how long can this hole thing last without putting to much effort into it.
There is no bad thing about it. All the time this product was 4 free.

All this ppl working at ReSpawn are not dumb or lazy. I think these guys are very clever! Im honest !

Best example: Epig games announced to get a ping system for Fortnite like Apex Legends has.

This all leads me to one conclusion:

If ReSpawn does not come up with massive content updates and fixes they simply dont want to.

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