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Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

by Skmulla96

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Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

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- I need them to make sure the Koenigsegg roof can be removed. Bc according to NFS HEAT Studio, it still cant be removed.


- The 600LT ABSOLUTLY NEEDS to have MSO Roof Scoop!! And the spyder variant wouldn't hurt either.


720S and 720S Spyder!!!


- AM DB11 is trash. DBS Superleggera Please!!


- Lamborghini Aventador S needs the SV centerlock wheels ASAP!!


- Koenigsegg needs some competition bc literally nothing else in the car list is in its class!! Be real when you look at the list. Theres a huge gap in performance between the Regera and the FXXK EVO, P1 GTR, VULCAN, HUAYRA, SVJ, GT2 RS... There needs to be a Koenigsegg equivalent, BUGATTI Chiron Sport and or Divo, HENNESSY, SSC, Saleen S7 TT, McLaren F1!!

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Re: Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

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@Skmulla96 All these hyper/super cars aren't possible for the mood of the game EA goes for. HPE/McLaren F1 lack custom parts or need for custom parts. Which won't fit in a game treat(Custom) as the (Beating Heart) of itself. So maybe you can expect these cars return in a new cannonball style game in the future.
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Re: Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

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@GK3512 But be real. What comp does the Regera truly have??


A 720s coupe n spyder fits perfect.


And a F12 Superfast and F12 GTS would be decent as well.

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Re: Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

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In all honesty I want more old 90s JDM cars and some more Audi's bmws and more lower end cars in general like rx8 ect ...

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Re: Last Minute Carlist/Car Details

★★★★★ Guide


Hello just wanted to address your car concerns.

If you are not aware of all the cars in the game here is a said named list of all the cars.


Hopefully, you will find some kind of car you can enjoy.

Have a good day.Large smile

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McLaren 720S In Need For Speed Heat

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A McLaren 720S is all I want to be added in the game. I was hoping to see it on the list when they reveled it but it was just the same from the last game P1 and 570S and different versions of them. It was nice to see the 600LT glad that's going to be in the game. I just wish the 720S was gonna be in the game, It would make my year. They can even add it as a DLC I'll pay for it. 


 McLaren 720SMcLaren 720S Back End

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