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Language Availability

by ptgeld

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Language Availability

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I pre-ordered the normal version of Anthem from Best Buy in US couple weeks ago, and I waited so long for its release. Finally I was able to play it last night, I found out that only 4 languages are available for this game. However my cousin who lives close to me, pre-ordered the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem, got all the languages available. Because English is my third language, I just cannot catch up all the conversations and subtitles in the game, so I tried to figure out if there's any way I can change the language to Chinese. I contacted the EA HELP triple times, all the answer is "Sorry the game is region specific, we cannot help you regarding your concern blablabla..".


Then I found out that the normal version does only have four languages supported: en/es/fr/pt. So I kind of understand that why I got these answers from EA HELP. But when I went to the Legion of Dawn upgrade page, I found that Legion of Dawn supports all the different languages, so I got my credit card out from my wallet, enter the card information, click pay, I thought this time should work, because in the supported languages section, Chinese is IN THE LIST!


However, nothing changed.


I kind of understand why EA has region restrictions for the game, because some people use vpn to get game from cheaper region, which violates the privacy. But there's no point EA lock the language in US since the games have most expensive price here, but even that I still cannot get what I want.


The last and the most important thing is, if the language is not supported, how the heck can EA list it in the supported language? I regret so much that even all the people out there are saying don't trust EA, I still put so much faith in Anthem, I pre-ordered, paid extra 20 bucks just for the language. Also every time I tried to get contact with EA HELP, it took me more than one hour to wait. So I paid my money, wasted my weekend and finally got myself upset.


I hope EA if possible can think just one time of how their rivals handle situations like this. You purchase game from Steam, you get all languages, you purchase game from BattleNet, you get all the languages, but that's not the case for EA. And purchase EA game will not be an option for me.


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