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Landing Glitch/Bug/Lag? #instadeath

by DankToliet

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Landing Glitch/Bug/Lag? #instadeath

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I'm curious if this happens to anyone else or if it's just me.


At the start of the game after launching from the ship, I'll go to land. Once I hit the ground there's a split second delay before my character starts moving, even if I'm holding down forward on the controller.


I can't tell if this is lag or if I'm doing something wrong when landing? It makes landing next to another team/player fatal because they're able to take off straight to the loot while I gotta wait a hot second to even move. 


Does this happen to anyone else, have you been able to remedy it?

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Re: Landing Glitch/Bug/Lag? #instadeath

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Happens to me every game with 15 ping to my nearest datacenter.  I bet most players suffer this as there still is the server stutter slow motion problems from time to time.  The game is poorly optimized at the server and netcode level so this stuff will always be something to deal with since they haven't been able to fix it this long till launch.

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