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Lack of Epicness...

by ChadSquadron88

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Lack of Epicness...

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I find the game's lack of Epicness disturbing... 

I don't know precisely What this feeling rely on... Hard to describe... 


What do you all think about it ?


I really hope they will Improve this aspect of the game. (maybe ships maxspeed faster ? More AI fighters ? Reduce TTK ? ) 


I can't wait to try Star Wars Squadrons by myself... But, For the moment, as a spectator, i'm afraid...


May The Force Be With You, Always... 

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Re: Lack of Epicness...

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I kind of know what you're trying to say. X-Wing vs Tie Fighter did epicness very well. Approaching a Star Destroyer in that game always had you in your seat.


One thing I believe the devs haven't got quite right is replicating the vastness of space. The blackness of space hasn't been very tastefully done in my opinion. Instead, it's overly colourful for something that doesn't hold true to how the first three original films dealt with the epicness of space and Squadron doesn't follow that recipe like some many old classic Star Wars games did. It seems (from watching the videos) that we're all going to be fighting in colourful clouds of dust.


What makes the old games feel epic is the constant reminder that you're but a dot, surrounded by thousands of stars.

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Re: Lack of Epicness...

★ Pro

Anyone remember the DOS X-wing game's Training Mission with the Mines? I did not realise they were turrets as well until at least like 10 times I tried that training mission. Please call it a Turret Mine! That was what I was complaining about the DOS X-wing game's mission descriptions. Hopefully Star Wars Squadrons have better labeling and explanation of the different Components, Ships and Fighter abilities, Etc. 

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