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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

by Affelainen

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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

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God rolls for me, are when you get 4 useful stats all rolled in the higher tier, the chances of getting perfect rolls with this rng reminds me of path of exile, it's like 1 in a million chance, and since we cant really trade between us i say anything in the high tier roll bracket if you get at least 3 useful is godly rolled.


easy as that.

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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

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@Flauspid wrote:

475% dmg with reduced recoil.



drool!!!! I wish I could get a Legendary Autocannon.  I keep getting stuck with LMG's and Assault Rifles.

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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

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@MEBengal2001 A fair assessment. However Bioware should make lego inscriptions legendary.. It shouldn't roll 1-10% of anything and shouldn't roll a useless stat.


@Affelainen That luck! Heh you seem to have all the good stuff! *jealous


@Atroxcasus On point my friend! Don't waste time on the salty ones. They have plenty to say about what godrolls should be but have nothing to show for.


@Neiloch Please show us


@Githil Crazy right!



I'll be adding more stuff soon. Getting the dry spell lately Disappointed


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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

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Best loot Ive seen so far at 150 hours into the game:

my first leg.jpg


I havent seen a GOOD roll yet much less anything in this thread lol

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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

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I finally got a Lego component that has stats I can actually use instead of 1%DMG which was on a MW comp I got. And that was the only DMG stat on the item. I don't get how they can't at

least set a reasonable low limit on items as they increase from green to Lego.  I've seen so many "+ X%" rolls under 10 its ridiculous. As often as not, they add the 1, 2, or 3% bonus to something like 35 or 50% DMG and you're gonna be like "Oh wow now its FIFTY-TWO percent damage HEELLLL YEAH!"    ***EDIT: I already had this component lego but it had 33% harvest and 21% weapon ammo so I'm happy and angry at the same time. Also, I included another picture of one of the insulting damage rolls...***



.Anthem Screenshot 2019.04.17 -


Anthem Screenshot 2019.04.17 -

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Re: LEGO's: -- Godrolls --

★★ Guide

Found this baby today, to bad no shield roll on this instead of the pickup amount.



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