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by Foofer37

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So, there's a lag hack now in full swing. Several games I tried recently, this is the case. If you see an enemy and face off with them, the internet slows, they glitch out, you're dead. Every time. So, yet another hack. It's no coincidence as this happens only when facing an enemy, winds up with me always dead. You can't hit them because they glitch across the screen. So, yeah game's as terrible as ever.

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This reminds me of my time playing world of warcraft, I think it's a program that throttles outgoing bandwidth, while leaving incoming data lanes open.


The result is your game client runs fine, but the enemies game client is lack critical information about what's going on.


Respawn should auto-kick players who's data is not being received in a timely fashion to avoid ruining the game, even if it's unintentional, players glitching and teleporting all over the place isn't good.

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not GPU or CPU lag?
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There could be a whole host of things that are causing your game to lag including downloads or some other kind of issue with your bandwidth.


If you would like to check out you connection EA has a guide to troubleshooting your connection here.


If on the other hand you suspect that you have encountered a cheat use the in game report feature or submit your report along with any evidence you have to EAC here.

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If it happens to you in several games, then I think its much more likely that its something at your end, like in game stuttering or connection problems. Have you at least confirmed this with your squad members in the same game before  you draw the conclusion about hackers?


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I have no internet issues at all. I currently run a fast connection and have no problems whatsoever. the only time, and it's consistent, when I have issues is in Apex and when I come face to face with enemies making me unable to effectively hit them. The game basically goes haywire. The second I'm downed, game is running fine again. No other game has this issue. It's easy to make this a problem on my end, but this is simply not the case

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whats your V card and cpu? because if its only in fight then it could be gpu or cpu not being able to keep up with the artifacts that happen at one time.
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I know this, experience it A LOT !


In Apex, when face to face, the server knows both of your ping delay and try to get you in the "same pace" to the slowest connection.


So if you're faster connection, enemy slower, the server will slow you down, you will get slow (sluggish/lagging) experience.

     If you're slower connection, enemy faster, the server will slow enemy down, you will see no delay and get easier kill while he's struggling with lag.


Dev consider this as "fairness" feature so people can fight with same time frame.


It's give benefit to slower connection since his experience stay the same while faster got sluggish experience. 


The key is top right RED icons (network and speed), observe if it's blinking when you're in the fight.

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It's def a problem. Has nothing to do with my machine as I have a very high end gaming PC and fast internet. Again. No issues in other games. 

I have seen and do know that some guys tweak their internet to purposely be at the slowest speed possible for this very reason. It quite clear to me that that's what's going on here. 

Every other hack is being used in this game and I think this one is to blame as well.

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