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Kings Canyon is overrated garbage.

by BigBlackCaustic

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Re: Kings Canyon is overrated garbage.

@DreamStare07 I believe that you do not have similar stats to me so your games would be completely different to mine, since SBMM is in effect, I have had random people join my games on my team sometimes, and once they have been invited into my party, they realised how hectic it instantly became. So you personally stopped using the longbox? For me the experience was completely different, at least 3-6 squads per game spamming the g7 from the highest spot in the location I was at, all 3 members of all them 3-6 teams in every single game were using this one particular gun, and because it hits a headshot for around 71 damage, it is absurd that it stayed how it did for so long.

I do not know if you have noticed, but before the extra parts of cover was added into worlds edge, that map was atrocious, there was no such thing as sneaking up to the enemy, there was no such thing as avoiding g7 spam, and it was annoying as hell getting 10+ kills just to die to someone who knocked you from 250 yards away with a damn G7.

When the charge rifle was OP, I had the exact same experience, 3-6 teams per game spamming the rifle because it could 2 shot.

I do not think Worlds Edge required more tactical knowledge at all, because it favoured long range gameplay with minimal cover (hence why G7 spam was soo damn often and no one could dodge it, even me, who dodges nearly EVERYTHING).

My lobbies have to be harder than yours because you do not see the drastic effect a simple gun had on every single game since it was buffed.
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Re: Kings Canyon is overrated garbage.

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@MoNosDirtyGaming I play with my friend and his stats are a little better than me. Mostly we face diamond level lobbies, a bit hard for me but I do my fair share. As I said, I have shifted from sniper to close/mid-range weapons(mostly flatline/hemlock with 3x or a g7 sometimes). My friends carry the close-range weapons(pk/wingman), and I just switch my single fire mode to burst/auto if the fight is in CQC. I only pick sniper if it's kraber.
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Re: Kings Canyon is overrated garbage.


You used to use the longbow, you haven't mentioned the G7, So the statements I made above shouldn't even give you an opportunity to reply to it in its defence.

I have 16k kills in total, 4k damage badge, 20 kills badge, 3.17 K.D. I go up against players whos trackers show things like 35,000 kills and stuff like that. Trust me we ain't in the same type of lobbies. It's also EU, so it's a lot harder right off the bat anyway.

I had no issues with you or anyone else using Longbow and other guns, but the G7 was clearly broken at the start of one of these seasons, it ruined the game, it allowed for 0 tactical game play, the map was worse off than it is now (since they fixed a lot of issues).
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Re: Kings Canyon is overrated garbage.

@BigBlackCaustic Since they increased the loot I have been enjoying it a lot.
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