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Keep it fresh with own challenges

by Koochi-Q

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Keep it fresh with own challenges

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Okay so I'm assuming none of us have friends cause we play games... LOL sorry just had to start of with the typical non-gamer comment of 'Go outside and meet people cause you have no friends'.


But anyway tho, some of us game with friends but this isn't always the case. Sometimes we have to play with the 'R' word... Randoms. Disappointed this sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't... Sometimes it's fun... most times it isn't. But when you get to play with friends, you generally have a good time even when you're not on your A-game. That said, I've been playing games for a long time and predominantly (online) FPS games. It started in the good ol' Modern Warfare times that me and my friends did challenges per match to spicen things up and have a good laugh. Usually it's just 'Get (insert amount) kills' or 'Survive (insert amount) mins while downing someone without getting downed'. This is usually the kind of challenges we did. If you couldn't do it, you got a punishment game coming in your face.


When I play Apex with friends I do the same thing to keep it fresh and hope someone gets a punishment game!... hopefully I'm not the one getting it... But anyway, if you want to spicen up Apex for yourselves, try doing challenges. Everyone in your party needs to do all challenges at the same time as you. I usually set a match limit to 3. So you have 3 matches to complete the challenge or else punishment game.


A few examples are:

'get (insert amount) kills'

'get kill with (name of weapon)'

'do (insert amount) damage'

'go to X amount of places'

'get a teamkill on your own' (this one sucks cause if your friends are any good or backstabbers, they'll sweat their * off to kill the last person if they see you downing 2 of a team XD and basically all your friends have the same challenge so everyone's going to rush)

'have a certain loadout'


These are some examples you can use for Apex. You also have implicit challenges of course like win a game, but that one doesn't need to be said obviously. 


You can even play these challenges on your own, but I find that to be less fun than with a group of friends.


So lemme know if you'll do this or if you've already been doing this. If you want some good punishment games, lemme know too Wink


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Re: Keep it fresh with own challenges


@Koochi-Q  Some players have suggested adding challenges with crafting materials as the reward, which seems like a decent incentive. One or two people have told me they do the challenges they've seen on YouTube such as the P2020 challenge.

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