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Karabin 1938M Mastery V assignment (hipfire kills) is absurd

by DigitalHype

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Karabin 1938M Mastery V assignment (hipfire kills) is absurd

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The Karabin 1938M Mastery V assignment (7 hipfire kills in a life or 25 hipfire kills in a round) is completely misaligned with this weapon and nearly impossible to acheive legitimately. This is so bad, it should be considered a bug.


This weapon is a semi-auto rifle variety for the assault class. This is not a weapon designed to get up close and hipfire with. Hipfire is a core weakness of this weapon type. Even with it's limited hipfire specialization, it is borderline impossible. This is arguably even more difficult than the infamous, original SLR/SAR headshot in objective assignments, which are one of the number one most complained about assignments in the game.


Hipfiring this rifle means you will often end up using 1/3 to 1/2 of this weapon's low-capacity magazine to kill a single enemy. In order to get a hipfire kill you have to be in very short rage (10m or less) to be effective. It forces you to get close in order to get a single kill (maybe 2 or 3 if you're lucky) before you are killed. This is NOT how this weapon is designed to be played. It is a medium to medium-long range weapon depending on scope variety, where hipfire is mean only as a last-resort.


Even the SMG weapons which have 2 hipfire specialization capability and high rate of fire do not have a "25 kill in a round requirement". Those are only 20. This is absurtidy. Whomever created this should try to complete this assignment. And then when they fail, have the best player they know on PC attempt it. And, then if/when that high-skill player succeeds, ask that person how difficult it was, and how much they enjoyed that experience. Also ask them how much easier the mastery VI tier, which comes after this hipfire nonsense was.


This is another case of bad assignments which are either in error or have zero thought put into them by someone who has played this game.


Please reconsider the criteria for this weapon's Mastery V tier, and change it to something appropriate for this weapon and inline with the difficulty of the other assigments.



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Re: Karabin 1938M Mastery V assignment (hipfire kills) is absurd

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Another big oof in the assignment department; hopefully they fix them in time for the next title

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Re: Karabin 1938M Mastery V assignment (hipfire kills) is absurd

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This is getting to a point, where I´m having the feeling that this is done on purpose. I can see no other reason for doing this, except if the dev team hasn´t received any of our complains over the last couple of month. It is bad enough that the old assignment haven´t been worked on to this point, but releasing more of those to the game just makes  me feel sick.

Can we finally get this fixed? I really ins´t that much work to do. As msot of the assignments are copy paste, this could be done by a single person until the next patch....


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