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*..Just gotta throw this out there..

by Demonseid

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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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Who tf cares about dumb cosmetics when only useable cosmetic item in the game is and ever will be the N7 decal. Yeah, you'll never be better than Commander Shepard etc. edit: I think that decal is the only reason I'm still even kind-of playing, am old, like nostalgia :D

Why not just go back to playing Mass Effects then you ask? Well I just did the whole series, again, and would require some sort of selective memory erasure to be able to play it all again without knowing everything


Biggest problems in the game:

Even the scorpions, the basic fauna of the world, can use teleporting technology to transport their troops while I'm reduced to flying around like an idiot and Challenge of Might is excatly the same as Challenge of Valor but differently worded objectives aaand itbeingsodamnincompleteasagame and so forth.

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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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@SalarianLawrence That is how the majority of Anthems content is. Its a reskinned version of something else. 

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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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@Demonseid Minor point, but the new stronghold is April, along with guild stuff, the new progression system, etc. still, you aren’t wrong, there isn’t a major influx of new content until May. I just hope that new content is worth the wait. If it is, I hope it will draw a bunch of players back, at least for a while. If it is a big letdown, I fear a mass exodus among those that remain.

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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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Ea-ware probably made a "FYRE festival"-thing.
Made alot of promises and vague hints that you will get that and these "cool" features etc, then started selling it and now playing a game of hampering as they cant deliver what they never had.
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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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I know when a game is struggling constantly pissing off your customer base, mistake or not, is just great for business....
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Re: *..Just gotta throw this out there..

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@Banfilidh I think one of two things will happen.


1) The Cataclysm will be amazing but not permanent and people will leave the game soon after they have done the content.


2) The Cataclysm will be a huge let down and people will leave the game.


If we are judging them off their previous content releases either of these are a possibility but both of them lead to the same outcome. BioWare need persistent content, not weekend events.

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