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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

by hhnbbfggty66

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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Few suggestions / ideas


  1. Buff Mirage: 2 decoys
  2. Squad members weapons are displayed on UI
  3. Assign title to player based on weapon loadout: Sniper, Skirmisher, Assault, Demolitionist, etc
  4. All squad members see and hear cracked enemy armor
  5. Squad members kills/damage is displaced on UI.
  6. Ability to create Squad names
  7. Engagement Feed - show enemy squad name, and members as enemy squad members are pinged.
  8. Killcam
  9. Ability to manually control jumpkit while flying. Zoom button for Brake, Fire button for Thrust. Hold brake to Hover. Ability to kill self if land without braking.
  10. Shotguns deal knockback
  11. Light ammo LMG
  12. Buff G7 slightly
  13. Buff Flatline single fire
  14. Buff R301 magazine capacity - too small for a light ammo gun
  15. Increase good loot drop rates
  16. Increase odds of getting a Golden Gun ( I only find them once a week.).
  17. Expand Labs - Create an underground network that connect Labs to the Airbase (Give these tunnels a creepy Doom feel.)
  18. Animate all squad members in Lobby
  19. Voice chat to Text chat enabled by default. Most players hate that robot voice. The text chat is good, the robot voice is bad.
  20. Ability to assign a squad leader.
  21. Squad leaders have special pings: regroup, Return fire only, Fire at will.
  22. Prestiging level badge
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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Player Level Badge should Prestige!
Please Prestige the Level badge!

I am Level 606, and I have the same Gold Level badge as a Level 100 player.

Give me a Gold Grim Reaper or something.

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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"Cluster grenade that explodes like normal but into 3 or 5 smaller grenades that then explodes and"



Police officer idea police says no

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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@EA_Davidank-blue I think the mid level health would be too much.
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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@EA_Davidank-blue How about allowing us to use legend tokens to buy crafting materials? I'd really like something to use those legend tokens on.
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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I agree with #6 I have way too many legends tokens, Letting the community get crafting materials with Legend tokens would be nice.

 18,000k points per level isn't really that hard to get though.




I also agree with that


I'm level 400 and would be nice to have some sort of Prestige / Generation #.

People been asking for this for a while now. hopefully it coming in season 3.

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