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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

by Fr3dY2

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Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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★★★★ Novice
  1. Letting people challenge track either by choice of 5-10 at a time or just by 'track week' (Would be helpful)
  2. Ping' (Area is Unlooted) , (area is clear/no enemys around),
  3. Bloodhounds's heirloom comes back just extremely rare like wraith + another one in S3 maybe fish hook for gibby or stim for octane eg
  4. like the idea ( i heard) of skins of ability's eg (purple gas (caustic) , (yellow lightning (wattson) , (black or white smoke ( Bangalore) (chains lookin ropeish stuff or a web haha {love that pathfinder into the spiderverse vid} (pathfinder) (whoopee cushion jump pad 'sound included ;P or just a mini trampoline (octane) , (maybe a skin that swaps lifeline and crypto's drones 1 for each) (the gibby shield dome make it look like a water fountain sprouting out) (portal looking more heavenly like eg whiteish yellow ish.. just not all dark( Wraith) (Mirage...Mirage um {btw #1 and #2 i had already thought about #3 and this, im makin up as i go along lol} Well i guess the only thing would could do is make the decoy explode in confetti when its destroyed 'hey i like they haha' bloodhound well i guess you'd just make the all father 'red' and orange scan different colours, maybe green one light one dark idk,
  5. ammo belt? lvl 1,2 nd 3 increases the amount of ammo you can carry on each stack by fair amount not too much not too little
  6. Making it a tad easier to earn crafting metals and credits, also having credits have more use then legends and exclusive skins
  7. Speaking of which im not 100% if the featured and exclusive skins only come around once but if so, you should make it that they do come back if you missed one you wanted
  8. A light ammo burst would be cool, also a revolver that's light or heavy but hop-up of dual wielding (also works with P2020) 
  9. Cluster grenade that explodes like normal but into 3 or 5 smaller grenades that then explodes and
  10. mid level health and shield would be cool, got cells nd siringes that do 1, med pack and battery that do full/4 what about a half/2  eg Shield Energizer  and  Bandage

Would love to see all this in the game by season 3's end, Hope you would too Standard smile

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★★ Guide
1. I would also like to be able to pin our challenges. It would make it so much easier to remember the challenges we need to do.
2. You can ping unopened loot containers which kind of tells your squads the area hasn’t been looted but a ping would also be nice.
3. I’m pretty sure they will be bringing out more heirlooms, there is a few discussions about it on here.
4. More customisation is always better, I especially like the whoopee cushion jump pad.
5. I don’t think an ammo belt is needed, however there should be a Legend with the passive to hold more ammo.
6. If you have the battle pass you can gain crafting materials much easier now. However, I think we should maybe be rewarded with 10 CM for each win.
7. I’m pretty sure skins do come back around but they take far to long. They need a system to make it quicker and easier.
8. More weapons will be getting released, we just need to see what they bring. I don’t think a dual wield hop up would be good, but I do think a Legend that can dual wield would be good.
9. Cluster grenade would be good.
10. I don’t think there’s any need for half health/shield regens.
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★★★★ Novice


1. Yeah. 

2. Yeah i know it's just not the same, i feel like just a 'area is unlooted or clear' ping that's next to 'someones been here' would help

3.Yeah i've seen a few just wanted to add on lol

4. Thanks Standard smile

5. Yeah i guess it could make things drag out too long, 

6. Yeah aye maybe 10 - top 3, 30- or 50 - win idk, i just feel like it forces you to spend money instead of earning it through other methods.

7. Yeah aye just a bit quicker, 

8. don't think hop up would be good? i wouldn't mind it. But a cowboy/cowgirl looking gunslinger that has a tactical that pulls out 2 guns and you can just unload on someone would be cool, or just passive dual wield for pistol idk

9. Yeah

10.yeah probs not just was thinking about it at the time 

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★★★ Guide

Well for ping wheel, I think there's simply a limit how many different pings can be on the wheel. Add too many and it will be a clutter. Adding more pings would also require implementing ability to customize the wheel (add whatever pings you want and customize their positioning) - which would be a pretty good addition, if it's not hard to do.

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★★ Guide
@Biochemikas There’s a few pings you don’t actually need on the ping wheel. “Let’s go here” and “enemy spotted”. Take them 2 away, then you have more room for others. Would also be nice to customise the wheel as you suggested.
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★★ Guide
@AnkasaurusRex I have made a cowboy legend Concept that dual wields.

The reason I don’t like the idea of a hop up is because a hop up is an attachments to make that gun better. A dual wield hop up isn’t an attachment.

Maybe there could be a new assault rifle that comes with a hop up. When you attach it the gun could separate in to two Just an alternative I’ve threw together.
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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

@PJBurrows1991 Uh "enemy spotted" is my most used ping from the wheel (I really don't see a reason to bind it separately and also I don't really have free buttons left for that). I also always differentiate between "let's go here" - suggestion/command, that requires some response from teammates and "I'm going here" - just telling what I'm actually doing.

Actually those 3 and the basic click are pretty much all pings I ever use. Maybe watching and defending in rare situations.


So yeah, I would be VERY frustrated if you took away 2 of my most used pings without an option to put them back in for myself Standard smile

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

★ Guide

OK, new suggestion then... add the possibility to customize the ping wheel!!

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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★★ Guide

@BiochemikasDo you play pc? I play PS4 and we can ping enemies by double tapping R1. We can ping where to go by pressing R1 once.

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Re: Just a few little suggestions/ideas

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★★★ Guide

Yeah double tap does that I think on PC too. But click, point on wheel and release is simply faster (pretty much as fast as just a single click). Well at least when my ping button is on the side mouse button (my thumb is always resting on the ping button and it's ready to be used at all times).

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